Part-Timers are the Big Winners in this Contract

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Hoaxster, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Monkey Butt

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    Most of the discussion on here is about concessions by Drivers to increase benefits to Part-Timers.

    Is that the way you read it?
  2. rudy5150

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    What are you smoking? Part timers are getting hosed big time.....still part time poverty at UPS. Now once a part timer gets hired full time they have to wait 4 yrs now instead of 3 yrs to reach top driver pay. That really sucks for them. Full timers will be near $38 an hour by the end of this contract, part timers will be close to $15.....its clear who got screwed and who made out well!
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Is that all you got?
  4. scratch

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    Somehow, I get the feeling that Rudy isn't a happy camper with this new contract.
  5. Brownslave688

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    Actually I think ups is the winner of this contract.

    Biggest losers part timers. I really think it was a given that starting wages were going to at least ten buck. I think 11-12 would be considered a win.
  6. BMWSauber1991

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    If it is true that part timers will start out at 10/hr and after 90 days will go to 11/hr with yearly raises I think that's a good start at the very least. 12-13/hr starting wage would be a more enticing contract offer. I personally believe we could get that much and better offers on all aspects of the contract if we did make them hit the negotiation table again. Excepting offers lower than we want shows them they can do what they want on the next contract and so on.
  7. KnowTice

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    UPS is the big winner no doubt about it. Hopefully you all have stock in the company.

    The Union is going to be making a lot more money as well off the rise in union dues. These PT workers only look at the hourly wage and think they hit the lotto by making an extra couple dollars an hour but they aren't looking at the big picture. We all need to do the right thing and vote no emphatically.
  8. wkmac

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    I've got nothing in the mail or otherwise to read in the first place. Kinda makes it difficult to say either way.

    With the minimum wage creeping up and many companies offering a higher starting wage and more hours per week for starting employees, was this inevitable for the company and the union at some point anyway? Might be a buyers market now with labor but what happens if those conditions change? Is this contract actually telling us something?

    The PTers only got a raise because the conditions and terms make economic sense.
  9. ocnewguy

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    hit the lotto? extra couple bucks an hour? are we reading the same info?
  10. quamba 638

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    If you're a new guy you would get the 10 dollars to start... But you wouldn't get the raises

    I would be more like
    That's how it is in the part time, after four years then you'll get the bigger raises. Every year before that is .50
  11. ups hero

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    I'm more concerned about the health benefits. I'm only 31. Been with the company a little over 12 yrs. I have less concern about our raises than I do about healthcare. I always worked 2 jobs since I was 18. I recently lost my full time job right after Xmas because our warehouse moved across the country. I was in the medical supply field. It was a huge company, made a lot of profit year after year. Every August we would get a raise and it sucked. We would get around .25 raise every year. I'll be honest, I'm very happy with .70 raise for the first 3 of the contract and the raises the next 2. I just don't want large co pays and less coverage than I do now. This is no way a win for either PT or FT.. And what about the retired????? I haven't heard anything about what is going to happen with them.
  12. PT Stewie

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    I will make $22.00 + per hour PT in August and close to $26.00 at the end with this contract "if ratified" My concerns and the concerns for all should be how will the health care go? I know UPS put up the dollars to make the central states plan more like the company plans that about 100K of us enjoy now.From what I read from some posters as administrators central states has some problems ,although it sure beats the $790.00 per month premium my full time job offers for family health care.I work part time for the benefits and it enables me to put much of what I earn in the Teamsters 401K and stock purchasing.The part time job @ UPS helped me through some tough times ,but I always looked at it as a part time job not a primary way of earning a living.In my mind it is an excellent vehicle to get somewhere else whether it be extra money for retirement,better food on the table,a waiting period to get a driving job ,or a means to pay for college.The fact that it offers health care and a pension is a plus not offered anywhere else.I know it is hard work and a lot of the sups suck ,but look elsewhere for what we get you will be hard pressed to find similar compensation.Let's face it we get paid pretty dam good for seeing to it that someone's package gets from here to there.
  13. murphtrain

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    I wonder if we get any kickbacks for opting out of Healthcare?
  14. To some of the ft people saying "pay your dues, put you time in" that's fine but keep in mind starting pt wage during your time was between 2 and 5 dollars above minimum wage. I'm not trying to be greedy, this is just my observation.
  15. Gumby

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    The starting wage was more than 2X minimum wage plus some..It was pretty good money back then. I think the starting wage should be $11 or $ 12 and bigger catchup wages!!!
  16. anonymous6

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    Brown Cafe may be a winner with all the new members signing up to discuss negotiations, contracts and such.

    TDU is a big winner since the IBT has been treating us like mushrooms.
  17. WhatsAloadstand

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    so would existing part timers get an equal raise, or just be s.o.l?
  18. anonymous4

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    From what people are assuming, S.O.L. and I don't believe that's fair. I am no longer in progression but for those with 2-3 years in, the new faces in the door will be making about as much as you. If what some are saying is indeed true and there is no catch-up raise, it might be the most bogus aspect of this contract in my eyes.
  19. Evil

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    If the current part-timers do not get that $1.50 bump, you can bet that you will see them vote like never before. If the rest of the part-timers, 67% of the UPS Teamster work-force do not get that bump they will send the IBT a big NO vote. hall can bet on that!
  20. ocnewguy

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    i'm doing everything i can to spread the word this week. i hope you all do the same. no pay bump is unacceptable.