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    Just want to read the opinion of other part-timers with full time jobs outside UPS. I'm a IT guy with a nice job for a private company. I have been working for UPS as a part-timer for 5 years but every time I go to work (twilight shift) I get all stress and sometimes I don't want to show up. I treat my job like a workout and I like the benefits, but Im getting tired of management harassing people and sometimes to myself, people is always angry just because they're working in the building. Unsolved grievances and all that jazz. My other job is not bull$h!t at all, sometimes we have a chef for lunch or they bring a catering service like Panera Bread or Subway, people is always happy, joking around, get together like BBQs and birthday parties and I don't see that in UPS employees. Most of you would say just quit but I have hopes that one day I will become a full time driver. What other part-timers think?
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    Maybe you can take the initiative in getting people together for a BBQ outside if work. Or try to convince your upper management to hold a company BBQ at your local park or something.
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    I'd say that only you can make that call. But myself, I just try and keep my eye on the prize. I love my day job, but I'm not gonna do what I love, I'm gonna do what makes me money.
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    i just started to drive on saturdays and cant wait to start doing real routes, i own my own shop and i love it its so ez but i cant wait to sell my shop and quit my oither part time job once i go full time driving
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    I never saw the stress in any package handling. It's not that hard, really. Especially after 5 years. You should have a pace built in by now. And as far as them yelling at you, let them. That crap always just made me work slower.

    PS, you need to learn the difference between the word "is" and "are".
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    And "an"and "a". I don't know what's so hard about the job.
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    at 5 years management should be scared of you and how well you know how to mess up the system or their way of doing things.
    i used to get stressed but now i just get annoyed and say "screw it, i dont care anymore" which always works and sups see this which
    is why i have never had any sup yell at me, last time sup walked away murmuring at something i did(stopped belt for irreg), i asked what he said but he just looked
    down at floor telling me "nothing" with a scared look in his eye. let me ask you 1 thing 10veleze in your "private company" can you
    talk :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: to your management and not be worried about being in any sort of trouble write up/suspension/fired?
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    Yup. Harassment is demoralizing. It does the opposite of making people work harder.

    To the OP: If catered lunches, people joking around, and weekend bbq's are what defines a good job for you, I'm surprised you have lasted this long at UPS. Unless you have serious health problems and need the benefits, I would just move on.

    I've never had a job I liked. But I have always liked having a job.
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    Inside PT is not stressful at all. It's physically demanding but just work at your own pace, listen to music etc. Piece of cake
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    Safety BBQ's aren't enough for you???!!! Haha
    I've had supervisors at UPS bring in food, snacks, pizza, subway over the 9 years I worked PT at UPS. All were PT sups, and it was all out of their own pockets. But that shouldn't be a determining factor why you like one job over another.
    Harassment? I've never seen management ever yell at anyone at UPS, in fact I've always seen the opposite. I've seen dudes just T-off on management in front of everyone. The most I've seen is some new gung-ho PT sup yelling at the unloaders, "lets go, pick it up guys!" But that is laughable. Don't let management get to you, especially if you didn't do anything wrong. Especially after 5 years!

    Sounds like its the drivers that get harassed the most at UPS, so if you're looking to go into that, it's something to consider... Since getting harassed seems to bother you.
    Otherwise, you've got 5 years in, just hang on, it's around the corner. Good luck.
  11. Baba gounj

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    I miss the good old days , company supplied cold beer .
    Always after work and off the property .
    Just the right reward for a hard night's work .