Part-tme sup position eliminated after 10 years!

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    On May 5th just as I was getting ready to start my afternoon shift as a pt sup, a manager from my district was in the building. She asked me to come into another office. She quickly announced her first name, and told me I had done nothing wrong. Then she said this is hard for her, but she had to tell me my position was being eliminated. Being in shock, I briefly listened to her offer me a severance/separation package. I was told I could go home, and I would be paid for the rest of the week and the following week. I called my center manager the following day to find out what the heck happened, he did not return a call. I did reach out to the HR manager who spoke to me in person. He basically said take the severance and UPS will also help me with a resume and a job search program. I thanked him and came home to try to make sense of all this. When I spoke to the HR guy on May 14th, I was able to ask the center manager who was going to be doing my duties in the center? I handed him a 2 page document with the duties I perform, and he nervously said he would be doing some of the things on the list, another FT sup would be doing some of the tasks, audits, etc. and a PT sup from this other center would do time cards, and a PT OMS in another center would do ODS/PCIS/DPS/DCS. However the customer counter clerk is doing much of those tasks. Then the HR manager asked him who would run the local sort, he stated he would when he was not on road. The day I was told my job was being eliminated, I looked at my center manager and said you know I have done a great job for UPS, and he said yes you have. I was in such a state of shock, I said no more and left the building. I did NOT see this coming. I feel I have been wrongfully terminated or seperated or what UPS wants to call it. If I had done something wrong, they needed to tell me this. There is 5.5 hours of work for me to do, often more, and way more at peak! Geese, I drove at peak several seasons, I delivered from my own vehicle, I have done anything needed to get the job done! I do security, I am the haz mat auditor, I train, I plan BBQ's, I use my home to cook for the crew, I have worn many different hats at UPS, and then this? Has this happend to anyone else? Oh yeah, the biggest blow is if I take the severance, I can not work at any UPS again. I don't get it??? :dissapointed:
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    I don'y have an answer, but I do offer my condolences - that sucks.

    PT Supes - isn't that an "at will" position?

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    I don't understand the at will position?
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    I think "at will" means the company doesn't need a reason to get rid of an employee.
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    Just another victim of this bad economy.
    You give UPS your heart & soul and all they give in return is a cold shoulder.
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    Yes, it's at will and LVD knows it is.
    At will means that the company can terminate you at any time for any (read no) reason. You are not protected by a contract. If it is any help, I'm sure this has happened to many PT sups in the last few months. They have taken all you had to give and kicked your butt to the curb. Loyalty at UPS only goes one way.
    It it were me, I would take the severance pay (why would you even want to go back to work for a company that will do you this way) and then file for unemployment right away. Take heed, the company may tell you that you can't get unemployment but that is not true. Remember you will be loosing your health insurance also.
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    I am so sorry to hear that you lost your job. I concur with Trplnkl; don't look back, look forward to a future without UPS. It is going to be hard, but use your experience to get a better job. It's tough being blindsided like this, I am sure you didn't deserve this abrupt end. Keep posting as to what is going on with you. This could happen to any of us.
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    Good points Helen. What you learned is far more valuable than what you lost.
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    That sucks. Plain and simple. As others have said, look at it as a chance to move on and away from UPS.
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    This is obviously not a reflection of your job performance but simply a matter of economics. Take this week, update your resume, and hit the ground running. Good luck. Dave.
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    Sorry to hear it. At least your experience is a positive for your resume. Doesn't make it suck any less but good luck with your future.:dissapointed:
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    Good luck in the future!:sad-little:
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    I would talk to a lawyer and see what they say before taking any severance. You may have a case for wrongful termination. Even if it is an "at will"position, a judge could take your side if you have done nothing wrong.
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    I know a p/t sup at UPS who went out on medical leave. P/t sups still draw full salary and benefits while out on medical.

    This person went and got a full-time job at another company and worked it for 6 months while on UPS medical leave.

    Loss prevention found out about it and terminated the part-time sup. The p/t sup contacted a lawyer, was given their job back, and still works at UPS today. This incident happened over 10 years ago.

    If you really want your job back seek legal help. They (the lawyers) may tell you that you have no case. You never know until you try.
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    As many others have said for people that have lost their job at UPS, take what you have learned and don't look back.

    In my 36 years of UPS experience I have only met 1 person that regrets retiring or leaving UPS. I am talking about well over 300-350 individuals in 4 different centers or work groups.

    I know when I retired I had 5 job offers in different lines of work because of my UPS work ethic and contacts I had made. I thanked them for their offers but politely declined them.

    Good Luck in your future!
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    Sorry for your loss. But don't take it personally. Some bean counter up the chain decided they needed to eliminate a position. You just happened to be in a position they decided was not essential. I'm sure your coworkers don't want to do your work and would rather have you there to do it.

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    You totally got that right!

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    To retaliate is not in my nature, however my nature may need to change! This job loss will put me in a position to commute to a bigger city if and when I get another job, which would be about 1.5 hours each way. Nothing else in my small town. FedEx has a position I may apply for out of town. My delima is to take the severance or get a lawyer. I don't think my enemployment check will stretch that far! Thanks for all the advice.
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    He wasn't terminated--his position was eliminated and he was offered a severance package.
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    This is my 2cents, so take it for what it is worth.

    If his position was only "eliminated" then why offer a severance package? Seems like a termination to me.

    I would speak to a lawyer. If the lawyer says you have no case - then what harm is done for talking to him?

    UPS may decide in 30 days that they need to fill that position again, and hire someone making half of what a 10 year p/t sup would make.

    Take the severance and you are agreeing to the seperation or your employment.