PAS a new way to make money

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by dan, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. dan

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    The new Preload asist program is good for the drivers pay check. It adds more miles, because of mgt inability to get loops straight. Our center averages 50 misloads a day now. Trucks are never loaded on time(preloaders load 4 trucks each now). Splits are a nightmare. Nothing worse then driving up to a delivery point and not having the package in your truck. Incorrect pal labels put on packages. This new system is a nightmare, but like I said it is good for the paycheck.}
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    some of our preloaders load 7 cars each, nasty.
  3. local804

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    Dan, When you say preload assist program, are you talking about the smart labels????They say that any preloader that loads one assignment, can load any. For instance, I-99 would go on the top right shelf as would P-99.If this helps the preload, please give it a chance. They have enough problems as it is.
  4. dan

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    Our truck shelves are numbere 1000 top front passenger side, 2000 botton front passenger side, 3000s top front driver side and so on....
    The problem is all the trucks have the same sequence numbers. Preloader are consistently placing some one else's parcel in another truck. Nothing worse then pulling up to a house according to the diad and not finding the package because its in another truck. We have a full time sups job is to run misloads all day out to drivers that are found on other trucks. God now they are talkin sporhs again... warning lettes and so on. If you all don<t know yet, the time alloted for each delivery piece will be decreased by 5 sec. This is because the new system is suppose to save us time on sheeting the packages.

    Thank God I retire in 4 yrs!
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    Hey my question is how many times have you heard the line "give it some time".
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    Hey....My question is how many times have you GIVEN it some time?
  7. local804

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    Actually, we dont have a choice.The trucks and routes are property of UPS and THEY are the bosses.They might not make the smartest moves all the time(more often then not) but we still have to listen to them. The only time we dont, is when we are told to do someting unsafe.Then by all means, tell them to stick it....But until then, if it takes you longer because the preload is sooooo screwed up, aatleast your getting paid by the hour.
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    Sounds like somebody needs a nap.
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    I had a sup tell me "now the preloader won't have to read the label"... Baloney! He'll still have to look at the smart label. Like Dan the Man said, all trucks have the same sequence numbers!!!! Too easy for mistakes. Personally, I liked it better when the loader had to read a street name. I see a lot of problems on the horizon with this system. Anyone have success with it?

  10. proups

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    From what I have heard about PAS, it will make the driver's job easier. We do have to give it some time. Once implemented, the driver's job will become easier.

    The new DIAD has stops presheeted, so there won't be a need to even have the DIAD board in hand until you get to the delivery point. That should improve safety - you can now watch where you are going! A DIAD pouch is starting to look better and better.

    We should all understand that technology is going to change the way we do business. I can imagine UPS having perfect service with technology. Hub Loaders with scaners that tell them when they are loading a misload. Preloaders not loading misloads as much and loading packages in the right place in the car. Yes, drivers will lose some of their allowance, but the trade-off will be that the job is less of a headache.

    Best of all, our customers will benefit!
  11. rushfan

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    Can't wait 'till we convert to PAS. It will be interesting.
  12. sendagain

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    The new system allows them to hire loaders at cheaper wages, since less skill is involved in loading the trucks. They don't load the trucks any faster, and if they carry the wrong package into a vehicle, it will get loaded due to the fact that they don't look at the addresses. I find 3 or 4 parcels a day missing from my load which are supposed to be there. I often find several that aren't mine, and deliver the ones I can. It does save time not typing in the address, but if you do office buildings, little help is given. You still lose about a half hour a day in production pay, providing you make production at all. It became a pay cut of about $60 dollars a week for me, causing me to lose the benefit of my recent pay raise and some of last years too. I am heading down the road in about 6 months and will gladly retire.
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    More importantly the new system will allow us to put preloaders on without their having to memorize so much address info. Like anything else we will have to work the bugs out.
  14. kidlogic

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    I was told of a center with the new system. They have a center of 25 drivers. Their SPORH went up 2 stops an hour. Do the math. Give each driver an 8 hour day and the center will do 400 more stops then before the new preload system. I think it is great. We will be more efficent and more competitive. The only down side I can see is we will need less drivers to do the same job and look how easy it will be to replace all of us.