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    Has the PAS system solved anything? There just is no substitute for a driver's area knowledge. The implementation of the program goes hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget. Not to mention costs of stickers, computer upkeep, spa personnel, etc..Anyway the mom and pop business don't get serviced or get delivered and picked up very late. The system proves they don't matter to us. Loads change on a daily basis, changed by people who have never driven, managed, or are fresh out of college. A microcosm of what is wrong with this system is shown in this short story. The other day I saw a driver confront the PAS manager. 3 service providers were delivering on the same street. That street had 3 houses on it and was at best 50 yards long. The driver wanted to make his day more efficient because he had to drive 8 miles out of his way for this one particular delivery. He was told not to cause trouble. Managerial incompatence is guaranted overtime.
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    they make the rules......we just play with them...wait till you have to deal with TELEMATICS.......I can see several more drivers exceeding the $100,000 threshold
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    Squeeze, I couldn't agree more. If EDD were a real person I'd tell him exactly what and where he could kiss. I hate PAS more and more everyday. Let me rephrase that, I hate what PAS is doing more and more everyday. The basic system I like. It does save time when scanning pkgs and getting un-scanable tracking numbers.
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    We've had PAS for at least several years now. Virtually, the same amount of time is spent in the back of the cab looking for packages supposed to be in edd or setting up sections, you can't walk and sheet, and you always have to verify that the next few stops are even on the truck. Go into 6 communications from diad iv press 8 get your long and lat coordinates then press 9 from comm screen again. Anyway I can't wait to hear the speakerphone come on and tell drivers their going the wrong way
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    EDD is not perfect but it could be. How it could be and why it isn't perfect now is another thread. The problem now is not EDD. It's the ridiculous crap that the dispatchers are being forced to do. Our routes have been screwy lately because they are being told to cut more routes and put more work on the remaining ones. This is causing too much havoc. EDD sure comes in handy with these cubed out loads. I may not always be able to find a package but at least I know it's in there. Or supposed to be anyway.
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    I am making more money since we went PAS.
    They cant dispatch any more. They refuse to follow loop. We also had 3 drivers on the same street one day last week- and that street was in the 3000 section of the car that it was split from. 3 drivers times that much milage equals mucho OT. Bring it on!
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    We have been on EDD for a couple years now. It has some advantages. Enough advantages that I wouldn't want to go back. That being said, since EDD stop counts are through the roof. I never make plans during the week. All I do is work, at least til 7/730 every night. It doesn't matter who loads your car either. In the old days I hated when my regular loader was out. Now I don't even know who my regular loader is.
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    But you can't beat having the whole route prerecoded.
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    More like millions over budget.
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    We've been on edd for a few years, and the bottom line is that no one wants to go back. The positives far outweigh the negatives.
  11. New Englander

    New Englander New Member freaken way I'd go back at all.
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    Your loader still can make you or break you. I've had loaders whose loads are tight and almost follow EDD stop for stop. With other loaders, every delivery is a search and rescue attempt. But whether you have a good or bad loader, time is wasted looking for a package EDD says you have but just isn't there.
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    give it time it works when u get rid of the kinks and get the preloaders trained right. I would not go back
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    We've been on EDD for almost two years. The fun days are when something is wrong with the system and we can't download EDD. We still have the PALs though and that helps a bunch. Another example of EDD fun is when the dispatcher adds more work to the route and the system says their isn't enough room so they just put all 30 stops at the front of the list even though the stops are going to be ran late in the day. I've always thought it was funny that the computer would say their isn't enough room but they still add the work anyway. And when those 30 added stops all end up with the same sequence number it makes things even better. That is how the dispatcher can trick the system so that they can add the stops.
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    Success or failure with PAS/EDD is totally dependant upon how much work you put in to ensuring your trace is set up exactly the way that you want it to be. When the PAS/EDD team was in our center they printed out our old DOLs and asked us to set up our areas the way that we ran them. Those drivers who put the time in to set up their areas had a much smoother transition to PAS/EDD while those did not struggled.

    Add/cuts in which they simply put the work either at the start or the end of your day are the result of a lazy dispatch sup. We shouldn't have to scroll down and then set the DIAD at the section that we are currently delivering.

    1989 mentioned the benefit that the whole pkg car is prerecorded. That may be true but if it is not loaded according to the PAL then your benefit has been greatly reduced.

    One point that has not been mentioned is how easily and quickly you can find a pkg if a consignee stops you on road or if you happen to see a consignee that you know you have a pkg for. For example, I was at WalMart and one of my neighbors asked me if I had a pkg for him. I simply scrolled down through EDD, saw that he did, located it and handed it to him. Less than a minute, one less stop and another happy shopper. I also use PAS to see if I have stops that I can indirect at another stop. For example, I have a screen print shop who also live on my area so I will check to see if they have any personal pkgs and will indirect to them if they do.
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    Amen...I've been with EDD for several years then went back for about 3 months...The old saying "You don't know what you got until it's gone" is so true...I hope to never leave EDD again.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    We wouldn't have to put in any work if the PAS/EDD teams would just finish the job. We've had this discussion on the board before. I'll put in the time to go over the many mistakes they made if I can get paid for the time. In the beginning we all tried going over a bit at a time with our dispatcher before start time but he is usually too busy and its hard to listen to half the drivers in the center at once. The only way to fix the problems is to sit down with the dispatcher individually for long periods of time but its near impossible to do this before start time and I'm not taking a day off or burning an option day for it either. What I've always been amazed with is how they actually set up dead end streets to be ran on both sides at once instead of going in a circle and delivering out of the passenger side.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Call me stupid--you wouldn't be the first if you did so--but I actually used my personal time (gasp!) to set up my trace the way that I wanted it to be set up. I simply sat down one night while I was watching TV and went through my old DOL and rewrote it. Took about 2 hours. It is about 95% where it should be and the remaining 5% is being worked on but does not really impact my day. Did I give $88 back to UPS by doing this? Probably. Do I care? Not really as those 2 hours have made my transition to PAS that much smoother.
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Even if I were to do this (which I wouldn't) and turn the results in I can almost guarantee that little to no changes would be made. I'd probably be given a line like "I can't make changes without approval from IE", "I can't move stops from one loop to another", etc., etc. etc.. At this point there is really no point in changing anything with the way have been dispatched lately. Some of us are all over the place and on Thursdays and Fridays over 9.5s are the norm. You should see how ridiculous the unassigned routes have gotten and even some of the bid routes.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Big--keep in mind that this was done prior to the implementation of EDD. I would also be hard pressed to get them to make wholesale changes at this point.