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    Our center just started the new system in april and i still dont know what to think about it. I a way its nice, but in another it makes you pull your hair out.
    The misloads are alot worse, there are sections of town that i sometimes get on the pm side of my day that are usually another drivers that shows up backwards in my board because they are arranged for him to deliever from his end.
    Some of my customers dont know when they are going to get there packages. If its the other driver they will see him in the morning and if its me they see me at 2-3 pm and i have to here all the complaints. With this new system they just dont seem to care about when the customer gets there package.
    And the no over 9.5's bs we have to listen to everyday. If you dont want me to be 9.5 then dont load me up on my high side of my stops. There are times when i wouldnt be over until my pickups blow out then its my fault for being over.
    Its like christmas at our center everyday now with them arranging our loads at the last minute. The preload is stressed out now and its summer out. This christmas ought to be a ball!!!!
    I guess what iam asking is: Is it like this everywhere??????????:crying:
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    Sounds just like where I am, welcome to the wonderful world of Pas/Edd. Don't think its going to get any better, they won't change anything either. We have been on it over a year now.
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    You bet!!!!
    And it's not the "systems" fault. It's the implementation. If it's like our center, they made wholesale changes to the routes. Even when it wasn't neccesary. They asked for driver input and then totally ignored it.

    Worse than that.... they figure it will save you "x" amount of time in package selection and sort time. It doesn't! But you have a stop count reflecting that savings. Even if it would save you time there, odds are (if you follow EDD) your miles will go up. Especially if you have rural deliveries.

    I have yet to hear of one center where it is working. Yet they still implement it and still ignore driver input. The only thing that has gone up is the bottom line on my paycheck. The sad part is all you can do is laugh all the way to the bank. Otherwise you would have a nervous breakdown.
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    They are doing a "feasibility" study in our center last week to see if we are "pas"able. We know they will ram it down our throats just like everything else UPS does. The dude at our pcm said the whole system relies on good driver input and he emphasized driver input. Yeah right when do they ever listen to our suggestions???
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    They dont listen to anyone!!! I talk to my center team everyday about issues, like bulk and other stuff, If I also talk to them if a driver has an issue if the drivers have an issue with where something is Spa'd to, because we have to load it where its spa'd to, and all I get from the center team is well hes a P.O.S anyway just load it.
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    Just remember we get paid by the hour!!!!!
    They want driver imput, but we are dumb and uninformed therefore we cannot be a form of reliable input!!!
    So just go with the program and make the dollas!!!!!:lol::lol::lol:
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    We been on Pas/EDD for almost 4 years and it has not gotten any better. It's here to stay just get use to it. Also get use to working 9.5 hours all day every day.
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    been on pas/edd for 2 years now it does get better. the system works the only problem is the missroutes and packages left in building that have to be shuttled out to you. if you have a bad preloader then you are in trouble. its gotten better here because starting to discipline preloaders for pkgs in wrong truck and rewarding the ones that don't. maybe get one pkg a day that does not belong in my truck and maybe 2 meet points a week.
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    Got pas about 4 years ago...Transferred to a center without pas a year and a half ago. It was like going back in time. Got it here a year ago, it was like seeing an old friend again. It's not perfect, (sometimes you have to run it backwards at times) but it does make it easier to do the 100 or so routes I've done.
  10. maybrown

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    My center changes 40% of my route every day. The problem : sent-again packages from yesterday route usually stay in my truck.
    My supervisor knows this but never corrects. I just treat them like missorts (missed delivery).
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    In general, PAS is good. The idea, theory, and plan of it is great. I see some problem with it still after 3 years on it.

    The pre-planning is the major problem. Not enough time is spent planning to implament the system. Its all in the details and the center seems to ignore the details, ie: businesses in a split that you give a driver in the 8000 section. Before PAS the routes were set up so every driver would have his businesses first in his load, not last???

    So the company wants to save money on fuel, but has us breaking trace more than ever to deliver businesses that are in section 8000 and were not on our routes before PAS because it wasn't logical for that route to deliver it. It was on another route for a reason. That reason being that the other driver could get there on trace before they closed.

    Now, with PAS, it dosen't matter, ther routes need to be condensed regardless of other factors(factors hurting our service). After 3 years of trying to give input that is ignored, I don't give inport anymore.

    Its their system. Its their routes. Its their fuel. And its their problem. If they don't want to listen to what I have to say about a certain "quirk" in my route, then the problem is theirs when our service is inferior. I've talked enough. I won't give anything up unless I'm asked now.
  13. JustTired

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    PAS - "Packages All Scattered"

    EDD - meet our "Engineers, Dumb and Dumber"

    UPS - "Unreal Production Standards"

  14. :lol:

    Unreasonable or Unbelievable works too haha but good one sir!

    I say that because lets face it if the majority of your people were meeting standards before and now they're not, how can it be the employees fault? We don't change the standards, someone far above us (in company rank anyway) has that wonderful job. I wonder if they just sit their laughing maniacally when they decide what new idea to come up with next?

    We're doing the same job year after year, why should we be expected to get faster every year? Theres a point of diminished returns and UPS has reached it whether they want to admit it or not.
  15. JustTired

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    If you want my opinion, this whole system was developed to rid UPS of the Teamsters.

    Think about it. When we struck in 97, the company was caught with their pants down. They never thought that we would actually strike and if we did, we'd cross the picket line by the thousands. Didn't happen! Well, they weren't going to get caught like that again. So they started development of the PAS/EDD system. It wasn't ready for the 2002 contract, so they pretty much gave the Teamsters what they wanted just to bide time. The goal now is to have the system fully implemented by next contract. That is why they don't have time to listen to drivers or get it working right.

    That way , they can try to get consessions and should we strike, they can hire any monkey off the street to do our jobs. (Good luck with that!!)

    This is just my opinion. I could be totally wrong. Only time will tell.
  16. wow what a concept, maybe that will be the next trend instead of badgering us to get off the clock before we hit 5hrs...provided its in the budget.
  17. Theres probably more to that than you think. Most people in my hub believe that was its very purpose from the start (even some of the management).
  18. Bombed Load

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    And get whom to work here? UPS has enough problems losing customers. Hiring less capable people and paying them less would be reflected in the level of service provided. You get what you pay for. Any replacement workers would soon unionize anyway.
  19. Anon

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    The only problem with them doing that if we went on strike is it would still take weeks if not months to train a mass of people to do what we do everyday. By then they would most likely have lost to much volume to competitors to ever recover.
  20. JustTired

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    I'm not disagreeing with you there.

    The point is they can afford to lose volume if they are paying much less than they are now. Besides....they could recover a lot of that volume over a period of time (years?). I'm looking at this from what I believe to be their perspective.

    The idea that a whole new group of employees can step right in and do the job we're doing now is ludicrous. PAS/EDD would make the transition a little easier, but if it doesn't work now, why would it work any better then? The fact is ....drivers working for $10-12 less per hour would more than make up for the inefficiency of the system. I'm guessing that they know it's costing more to get the work done now, but with cheaper labor the system inefficiencies become a moot point. After all, they could always tweak it after the fact or trash the whole thing.

    There's a lot of people out there that would like to have our job. But I don't think it's because we drive a big brown truck or that we work our butts off. It's the money. And a lot of them wouldn't do it for $15/hr. Especially when they found out it's more than "just driving around all day"!

    All they have to do is look at the pt'ers and how hard it is to keep them with what they're paid. Do they think driving jobs would be any different?

    Should be an interesting contract this time around. Or not.