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    Why can't the system distinguish the difference from "2nd Ave " "2nd ave A" " 2nd ave B"? it makes no sense to me. usually the system will place it as 2nd ave, but if you go into "details" on the diad you will see the "A" where it will usually put the apt #.
  2. atatbl

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    This is about how the shipper (including UPS Stores and our own counter personnel) put it in the system. The system would rarely have a chance to "distinguish" this, because it doesn't matter to the system in most cases.

    It can be as simple as how you type in the address in the address line on if you were to print a P/P label. As an example: the address is to "455 imaginary street" and there are units A through L here. If the person putting in the info (just a customer printing their own label in this case) just goes ahead and puts "455 imaginary street apt C" in the address 1 line, it will not give you details in your board of "C". If, however, they put "C" under the Apt slot, it should show accordingly.

    Hope that helps, it's only one of a plethora of possible scenarios and circumstances.
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    are you talking about like a west and east 2nd ave? or as stated before me?
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    Ahh yeah our center here calls it a flip and if you load it thats a misload :-/ easy to miss sometimes.
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    Prolly for the same reason I still cant get my shopiing centers to show up as different stops. I have one center that has 20 stores with about 75 boxes. I get cridet for 1 stop on my dispatch.
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    In the computer any address with multiple rooms/apt/suites is one stop, until the driver delivers it and sheets them with room numbers. They won’t fix it so they can continue making your stop count seem lower than it is.
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    No. The street is actually "2nd Ave B" ....the "b" is not an apartment.

    we have different avenues

    2nd ave

    2nd ave a

    2nd ave b

    the system cannot figure out which it out...therefore causes your edd to be all messed up. the only way to get it right is to send the packages up to data capture where they will do it manually.
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    nevermind, misread
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    Speed, it can be done. If you have a consignee list for that mall the Suits should be able to make it so it shows as seperate stops. It doesn't work 100% due to some labels but it gets you credit for a few more stops.
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    For malls, the Z button will change from address to just consignee names in your edd screen without having to go into details.