PAS & HFCS staffing plans

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    In addition to these changes, we are implementing other initiatives, including:

    · Evaluating the future staffing needed to monitor and manage the local Preload Assist System (PAS) and Hub & Feeder Control System (HFCS).

    What will this mean to the preload/feeder operations?
  2. well if our building is any indication then it means we won't have enough drivers on hand when we need them and there will be JUST enough loaders so if we're missing any they'll use supes to work.
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    They are not talking about the operations.

    They are talking about the people that were on deployment teams. Both deployments are nearly complete.

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    In our building they are far from complete. These ....ummmm... experts need to come back here and fix the problems we have in our system. I understand that corporate thinks this should be up to the local management, but these guys and gals barely have enough time in a day to go home for sleeping. They have way too many responsibilities and not enough time.
    The PAS for the area I have been running is so screwed up it's almost comical. They tell me to fix it, I can't fix it they have to do it but have no time to do so. I'm betting that our's is not the only center in a mess either.
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    You got that right. Our center went on it last oct. and its a mess. There is some things that I like but so much of it is a joke.
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    Those PAS/EDD teams are like the government response to hurricane Katrina. The only difference is that Katrina was a natural disaster. PAS/EDD was man made.

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    They will never send them back out to correct "errors"

    Your only ray of light is having the one who dispatches you, to care about fixing problems in the sequence on the computer.
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    trplnkl & jw55wags:

    Are your problems with PAS or HFCS? I don't know much about the PAS group, but I do have some influence with the HFCS group. I know there's often a lack of communication between the team's Functional Reps and Developers, so if you've got any feedback on HFCS, I can provide it directly to the Project Leaders...
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    Since I don't really know the difference and I have never heard of HFCS I would guess the problem is with PAS. Things such as bad PALs that don't even come close to matching what the shipping label reads. Problems with EDD placing stops far out of the stream of flow,etc.

    Thanks for the offer to help though. That's more offered than I have seen around our center.
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    Based on their posts here, their problem is with PAS. As stated above HFCS is the Hub and Feeder Control Group.

    Also correct me if I'm wrong, but these people aren't losing their jobs, just being reassigned (if desired) to other areas or projects.
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    Again, I can't speak for PAS, but for now, no one in HFCS is losing their job or being reassigned. Their numbers are down a little just from regular attrition (reassignments, retirements, idiots being fired, etc.). The HFCS group has enough work in the pipeline to keep them busy for a while.
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    I just wish PAS and the DIAD came 20 yrs earlier.
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    How can you screw up feeder? Give them their coffee, donuts and a pillow and its all good!:surprised: