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Just got finished reading the news story in Computer World about how badly PAS is doing. While it isn't setting the world on fire the ANALysis by the broker from A G Edwards really has me ticked. The man has no concept of how UPS works. One statement he made really frosted me. He said many pkgs to be delivered before Christmas weren't delivered until January and said it was the fault of PAS. He used Dell as one the companies that had these problems but a Dell spokeswoman said Dell knew nothing about any problems like that. It's no wonder our stock price is like a yoyo with this kind of bozo doing the analysis. I linked to the story from the Brown Cafe news page.


Sounds like one of the folks that work in the IE department at know the one that predict the volume each day....


Saw the same thing, Wily, and had the same reaction. These ANALists often have no clue to the workings of the companies they cover. I could site example after example on a weekly basis. BUT, I feel that a big share of the problem is with the folks in Atlanta who do not have a good enough rapport with these people. Communications is the key here.


Although DPS, PAS, and EDD (Package Flow Technologies)is a great suite of systems, UPS needs to do a better with the press. The guy from AG Edwards agrees that the company will save $50M to $100M. How does UPS turn a great success like that into a failure?

In perspective, that's $200k to $400k per day. One day, maybe it will be $700m per year, but why turn this success into a failure.

This guy must have something against UPS... Did he miss the weather reports about the snow is Louisville? Did I imagine that no flights left Louisville for two days?

His math logic also needs to be corrected....

Anyway, PFT is not perfect but UPS needs to explain it better too. As a shareowner, I'd take the $100m savings anyday.



"How does UPS turn a great success like that into a failure? "

You meant did dont you Pretzel? Oh thats right, they are still doing it that way.

OF course you know my thoughts as to how UPS managed to bungle it.



didnt that story mention that weather during christmas has NOTHING to do with late packages and that pas technology was the total problem. And that fedex, dhl, etc, etc, didnt have any weather problems, meaning we were lying. Im not sure abput others on here but im getting sick and tired about all this negative stuff going on with us. Its like "they" want to see us fumble. Just like that story about closing down wharehouse in ohio. Did anyone mention that it was menlo, and that it was a plane issue that we wanted to use our planes for transport. But if you were an outsider then you might get the impression that since last quarter wasnt the greatest on ground issue, the company was starting to close sites. Its absolute bull, anyone else feel the same way???


Pas is a total failure,leave it to IE to scew up a system that could have been a success.Anyone who thinks this system is working must have a screw loose!


These ANALysis that are made are done by people who have never seen the inside of ups. They would like to see us flame out.

Also Atlanta should be doing more to combat these a holes who don't have a college education. Yes, many of these ANALists never finished college. They start in the ranks of each brokerage as a broker trained by their company. Kind of like UPS, they start as an unloader and end up as a driver or ceo.

Also, I've never delivered anything to them on my route. They are Fredex customers.

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I just figured that the ANAList has
a significant other that worked at FredEx!


Thank goodness pas hasn't come to our center. No mention of it in the near future.


PAS/DPS/EDD has been installed in thousands of locations, with about 100 having serious problems. It does work - just ask a driver or preloader where it has been successful if you can put them back on the old system. Be careful - they might hurt you!

I read that article too, and will say that Donald Broughton did a fine job a driving away business from A.G. Edwards with his idiotic commentary. The only problem I have is that our spokesperson did not call him on the carpet. That, as has been pointed out earlier in this thread, is our problem on Wall Street - we are too nice.


PAS to be or not to be, implemented that is..

As my last assignment prior to leaving UPS I had the opportunity to be on the PAS team.

There have been many frustrations, but to call it a total failure would be like calling windows from microsoft a total failure.

In fact it's the way of the future, remember when the diad was first implemented?

In order to be successful you must have total driver and center team involvement. In my opinion this has been the primary reason for the failure of many installments.

There are little glitches in the software so there have to be some more adjustments made to make it compatible in every situation.

I've have personally seen how it can clean up a preload lickity split if put in correctly. Yes, and that would be with no preload knowledge in that particular area.

PAS can do amazing things. But, just like everthing else it just takes time.

Drivers will love the pre-recorded stop for stop action if put in correctly.

You have to keep in mind that this is a major new technology that requires constant adjustments until it works the way it's supposed to.

In time you will see that the effectiveness of this system will help us be far more competitive.

Cheers, and go UPS.