passed the road test!

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It took me 70 something total days to get my 30 in....some days you show up and immediately get sent home. Until you graduate you are nothing more than a temp. Focus on the task at hand and just don't have expectations as far as money, time, etc.


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Seriously? This is UPS. Not some rinky dink company like FedEx.
My bad... the OPs query was about the mvr check and background. Not about integrad or the qualifying period.

MVR is quick, but calling around to verify your previous employers may take a while longer


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how will that effect my likelyhood of getting hours?

Just a suggestion...
Have a notebook, at home, where you write down:
-the days you work;
-hours worked that day;
-route you are on;
-any major concerns that day and;
-conversations with management.

Don't run around telling everyone you're doing this. Keep your mouth shut.

This could pay off in the future.


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We now own you. Don't complain to management about anything. Do your route as instructed, don't hit nothing.. . And... Don't complain about anything.. We'll DQ you for a bad attitude.