Pat Tillman Executed?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Jul 29, 2007.

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    Did i forget to mention that the media is just a bunch of liberals who throw and conspiracy they can conger up out there. The only reason they dont chase after JFK and the 2nd gunman is because he was for change, unlike bush, even tho JFK was the one that started to take us in nam. Even tho LBJ was the one that escalated it moreso.
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    As soon as I saw a reference to "DailyKos", I immediately knew it was crap. William Clark, Pelosi, Reid; you know where this was going. Pat Tillman's death was a tragic example of "Friendly Fire". He's what I call a true hero for giving up his NFL career to join the Army after 9/11.
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    Daily Kos is an opinion oriented blog to the most degree and as such is an open forum. This forum here at BC IMO is in some manner much the same although our common connection is UPS and the opinions here run across the board rather than a specific line of political thought. Now open forum IMO is a qualified statement in regards to Daily Kos in that if someone went there and posted certain opinions then I'm certain an amount of wrath would come that posters way. You know, like it is here!

    I'd get no more worked up about something at Daily Kos than I would a post by one of us here. The only difference with Daily Kos is it does have a broader outreach and to their credit they've gotten Bill O Reily doing nightly PR work for them from what a hear. They've got to be laughing all the way to the bank and what better way to keep the PR machine alive than to post something else outrageous and in steps WorldNet Daily as if on que. I'm sure they are even grateful for the PR work done for them here as well.

    Daily Kos like some of the so-called right wing websites like Townhall or even some of the libertarian sites like Lew Rockwell all have very bias points of view based on their political and social convictions. I look at many of them as often as possible (even Daily Kos and Townhall) but it's important to remember that what you may be reading is purely opinion and to establish something as fact you'll need to read and research much further. IMO, why waste the time worrying and giving Daily Kos free PR when you can use that same time to actually research for factual data to see if something is factual or not. Just a thought.

    There are some sad circumstances surrounding the death of Pat Tillman

    BTW: Wikipedia (also a possible bias source too) has an article on Daily Kos that might be worth reading.
    As Wikipedia articles go, I find the best articles are the ones with tons of linked footnotes and that is where I concentrate for any data mining. One item of interest to the Wikipedia article on Daily Kos is that the article itself appears not be under any dispute. Now I didn't read anything myself in the article to make me think the writer was bias one way or the other but in the fact that the article is not under dispute I also find worthy of consideration. Also here is the AP piece that started the fire that Daily Kos fed.

    I think DBurn in his posting should have linked that story but it's his post. As I read his comments I do have to wonder where is all the hoopla. Here's the actual link used by Worldnet Daily to Daily Kos and DBurn's comments.

    What I read was more a point that AP News had done this story and that Wesley Clark was the one on it. To further quote DBurn in the piece:
    Sorry, but it sounds to me like an admission on his part of really not knowing and appears to me a "benefit of doubt" to all that the hard facts are really not clear. Guess what, I would agree with that because we already know as fact to some degree that Tillman's death was not what it was initially reported to us by the military. Now personally I think his death was just a tragic mistake of friendly fire and the military was to ashame because of who Tillman was to have him die like that. I can see that although I don't think it justifies lying about it. DBurn IMO reported the fact of AP's story, some other happenings with it relating to Wesley Clark but in the end expressed sadness but also that the matter may not be like is being considered from the AP story. I happen to find that pretty responsible IMO and maybe some irresponsibility on the part of WorldNet Daily in how they reported it. At the least IMO, it would appear WorldNet Daily (who has done some good stuff) might be spinning this story more for the hype than anything else.

    Another part in the article directly quoted by WND sez Pat was against the Iraq war. So far with a little search I've found nothing to confirm that but in the DKos piece, I can't tell if DBurn is making this claim himself or if it's something Clark is claiming. If Dburn is making the claim, I'd like to see the source for such.

    Now Kevin Tillman, Pat's brother who was with Pat has spoken out harshly against the Iraq war and the adminstrations policies.

    Is the thinking that Pat and Kevin prior to Pat's death discussed such issues? I don't know but if they had and Pat had expressed doubts about Iraq, you would think Kevin would say such in his piece because if it were me and my brother I know I would.

    This is JMHO after looking at the WND piece and then using it's link to Daily Kos and doing a further search for the actual AP story.
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    Hey mac, at first I thought your post was one of mine. Flashback from the Jonfrum Thread. LOL Mac, your intel. looks suspicious. Im going to have to run to the center manager office and verify your findings. Shame on you mac didn't you learn anything from my thread. ( ;