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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by scoutlover, Jan 15, 2015.

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    Just wondering if there are any changes to paternity leave. Last time I used it, I simply told management I wouldn't be there for 5 days unpaid and I was able to be off with no issues. I missed Mon through Friday because my little one was born on Saturday. With the new health care plan, will I still maintain benefits for that week? I know the last time they had to put me in for a certain code to keep insurance.
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    Apply for FMLA and you are covered.
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    Do not do it this way now. If you are in Teamcare, and just tell your sup that you need the week off, you will not have insurance for the week.

    If your baby is born on Saturday and you did not work that week, guess who is responsible for the medical bills?

    Request FMLA from your sup. You continue to have insurance under FMLA.
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    Could you also request an option day during that week? Would they be required to pay the insurance in that case? Might be less of a hassle if that's the case.
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    Damn - you sure have some screwed up health coverage now. And you people voted for that?
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    Of course, if you do not want to lose vacation by using FMLA, you could use an option day each week.
    An option day counts as a day worked.
    Anoter option if the Sup is agreeable, is to take Mon-Thurs off unpaid.
    Then, if you are able to make it to work on Friday, go in, punch in and work a few minutes, then clock out. That counts as a report as a day worked. Again, if your Sup is agreeable, and you are able to.
    If complications prevent you from working, not sure if short term disability might be an option?
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    Yes we do and I did not vote for it. I was in the company plan and had people in every state voting on my healthcare. With Teamcare being in the Master, I was forced into it once the Master passed.
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    Short term disability is really not an option. He would have to have an injury or illness preventing him from working.

    Your other suggestion is OK but has a flaw that could cost him $20,000.

    Take Mon-Thur off and plan on clocking in Friday for a few minutes and then going home. What happens if she goes into labor at 8:00 Friday morning?

    Does the OP abandon his wife and go clock in? Or does he stay with his wife and pay the hospital bill for the delivery?

    The out for this would be to call your sup at 8:00 in the morning and request an option day for the day or to go onto FMLA immediately due to his wife's labor. FMLA would start on Friday and he would have insurance.

    Just food for thought.