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    Could patriotism help get America back in the black?
    I wonder if things would improve if we all bought products
    that were not made in china or japan.We are as guilty as everyone else
    for buying a toyota,instead of a Chevy.I said before in another post,that
    if there was an "Amerimart" or a "Canadepot" that only sold domesticly
    produced items would you pay a bit more to put China and Japan in the red for a change?Walmart would go down fast.
    the new adds that Saturn proudly proclaims thier cars are now made in europe....why? what the k is european styling? who needs em...
    If anyone has $500million to lend me, I'll open a string of stores called
    Double Standard.Twice the quality, made in the USA.Shop at DS for domestic success.I will hire all the layed off walmart and dollar store employees and treat them human.I will need a committed staff if anyone wants to be a part of it.Lets grow our own.
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    Saturns are made in Europe, Dodge(and their grouping of brands) are built in the US but designed in Germany. The problem DS is no major US company wants to stay in the US, labor cost, material cost, and gov't oversight all make building products in the US extraodinarily expensive. I drive a toyota built in the US by non-ua workers my parents drive hyundais built in alabama by non-ua workers, the only reason those companys moved to the US is they stayed out of the UAW.
    The problem is people arent thinking out of the box, many Americans have lost their entrepenuarial spirit.