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    I am a local sorter and that's my primary job.. I also am a cover driver and and air driver. If I drive air and early AM packages at my top out air of $23 and hour for around 3 hours then have to go back to local sort at night does my pay go back down to $12.50 an hour? I understand the job is different but does the pay code get changed also or should I be getting my air rate doing local sort
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    If you work as an air driver , D.O.T. hrs won't allow you twilight work. I can't see you having a late enough start time for this to work, but it is a split shift if you R doing this and in that case it varies according to your local. Talk to your B.A.

    D.O.T. 11hrs.

    @ least 10hrs off from end of shift till start of shift.

    E.A.M Start of 5:30 means you can't work later then 7:30 the night B4 even if it wasn't driven hrs. the night B4.

    Besides. If you r toped out as air then why would you go back to low pay night shift. Find a 2nd job much earlier in the day like a 12-5 or something like a side business.
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    His primary job is as a ptimer. Not a air driver.
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    They make me come back in for local sort which is my primary job. I would love to just take the work and pay from this morning and call it a day. I just work for a few hours in the morning delivering NDA pkg at a high pay then they make me come back in at 5pm to around 845pm to do local sort and I get paid almost 10 bucks less an hour. Doesn't make since to me
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    Yes, your pay is based on the job your are doing. However, you need to have 10 hours off between the end of you local sort shift and the start of any driving ( your punch in time ) So is you punch out a 8:45 your cant't punch in before 6:45 and be legal to drive...
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    Separate rates as one job is Article 40, which overrides other Articles you fall under as a PT insider.
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    you have a great post i think its agreat question to ask . you must have worked for the company for a while? and you dont know the answer >? i think you should resign and give the job to some who will be aware of pay rates and union issues and has the balls to ask someone in there building about this issue,
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    Apparently you don't know anything about ups and the lies they tell you and how sneaky they are with time cards. A forum is to ask questions. I can't believe you didn't know that. You should reply to everyone on this forum that has a problem with a union issue or pay rate they way you replied to me.... Think before you post
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    It still amazes me how part timers that are doing drivers work always complain about their pay rates This OP shouldn't even have this issue. If the drivers in the hub would file every time he ran EAMs and NDAs. Driver are called in early to do EAMs. You know why, cause it's driver work. No air-drivers are used M-F. You know why, cause its driver work. OP allows them to cut routes, does that make sense to anybody.
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    Apparently you can't read your contract book..... Your shop steward would have been able to answer you question as rocket man has stated...
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    Air driver can run air anytime once they touch a ground package they get top ground rate. We have FT air drivers (M-F) in are building they deliver EAM and other Air they also help out driver that are over dispatch with Air. IF they have to help driver out with ground they get Top ground rate.

    When to OP runs Air during the week he is covering someone else route they aren't just telling him to come in and help out for the hell of it...
  12. Buck Fifty

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    Unless every driver in your building is running straight air,(which I highly doubt ) than an air driver is not needed. Those FT air drivers would be FT drivers M-F, if the drivers in your building would step up and fight for their work. It will make you a lot of money too. Does that make sense ? You are correct about the ground rate. I remember back in the day, we would always slide a ground pkg in with our air runs. Oh the good ole days !
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    I'm pretty sure here, if you work over an hour in 2 different job categories, you get paid the higher rate for both shifts.
  14. UPSGUY72

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    What contract do you work under....
  15. UPSGUY72

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    Are air driver that work M-F are FT article 22.3 drivers not PT. We have PT air driver that only work on Sat. Two building in my area have FT Air driver that go to the Air Port in the morning (T-S) to get the last of the Air after the Feeder Driver leave. Than work 4 hours delivering Air or doing other stuff in the building.
  16. Buck Fifty

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    Yep, thats the way it used to be, but we put a stop to it. 22.3 's only pick up air boxes and then wash cars.