pay increase for workers on comp

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    FYI-if you are due an hourly raise while you are out on work comp, you can get your bi-weekly checks increased to your new rate of pay. Just contact your ups case mgr and liberty case mgr or lawyer if you have one, which you should when you are put on taw. I have been out on comp for 1 1/2 yrs now and have received all of my raises. I even received $850. in retro pay going back to August. After a month of being jerked around by Liberty Mutual for a month, I had to finally call my union bld. steward. He called the ups labor mgr., who called my case mgr., who called Liberty. All was taken care of after that. Get your the money you are entitled to!
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    I wonder if Liberty Mutual auto insurance division drags it's feet this much to fix your car after an accident??