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  1. LiL"Comet"

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    Hello BC members this year I have decided to Pay It Forward this year for Christmas. I have three children and last year this time I was so worried about having food in the cabinets not to mention having presents for them. I told story as to what happened in the turkey's thread those who care to read..

    Santa will visit my house this year but it will not be a normal year or what my kids will be used to anyway...

    I see so much pain and suffering around me I want to help out and teach my children that unwrapping gifts is not what holidays are about.

    I'm trying to find some families who are in need of help what I would like to do is Christmas morning get up with my kids and go to a couple house's ring the door bell and leave food & gifts on the front porch.. (Probably going to leave the things in boxes so my kids see the goodies are from Santa to go & help other families.) If any one has any ideas for me please share..

    Today I'm going to eat lunch with my kids to see if I can possibly get any teachers or the principle to give me some information (maybe) Also going to check with a local church to get some info.

    I heard of a tier III accident last week where the person who hit our UPS pkg car (p700) didn't make it and another thread where a ups drvr of 23 yrs committed suicide in November (god bless those families). Sometimes I think we are not thankful enough for what we have.... we are too busy fussing about what we don't have.

    I'm so fortunate to have a good job, family, and friends (especially my BC friends:wink2:) this holiday season is a big turn around from last year this time. It takes a great team here at UPS and that's what we are...

    God Bless and holiday greeting's to all.... :peaceful::happy-very:
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    I see you have the Spirit of Christmas in your heart, good for you and your kids. I have thought many times over the years of doing just what you are saying, but unfortunately I have lacked the drive and commitment to follow through. You have given me re-newed inspiration. When the wife comes home this evening she and I are gonna talk about doing something similar and hopefully follow through this time. I am one of the worst procrastinators in the world it seems.
    Sometimes we don't even realize God has blessed in one way or another, your Spirit is your blessing.
  3. tieguy

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    I think your intentions are noble. However if I may respectfully disagree I think you should save christmas morning for your family. Christmas is a time of strong traditions. Introducing this type of new tradition is a terrific idea but save your existing ones.Make it a time they will always remember. Take the kids out some other time perhaps christmas eve day or later christmas day. If Christmas morning is your time your family normally gets together then I think its important you keep that time for them.JMHO
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    Here's a link for the United Way, you can search by your zip code and there are many volunteer opportunities. And they may be able to direct of areas in dire need today. A homeless shelter is generally welcoming, particularly during the holiday season.

    Another way I always donate is to give at the grocery store, to help stock food pantries. At my local store, you can also donate $1,$2 or $5 at checkout. And if I have my grandkids with me, I ask them would they rather help a hungry child or have a candy bar. And surprisingly, they usually opt to have me donate for the hungry kids.

    That's not to say, I haven't already bought them a bag of cookies or pretzels, but it does make them think about others in need.

    Bless you and your family for thinking of others, and have a great Thanksgiving.
  5. Big Brown PA Girl

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    That is a great idea. What you should do is look in your local papers to see who is need this year of donations. Or call your local church, I'm sure they can help you out. Even your local chapter of the Salvation Army could always use the donation. Then take take your kids out to the local toy store and tell them that "Santa" asked you to help him out this year to help some kids who may not have a Christmas this year and have them pick out toys that they think that other children would like. Then you can go to the supermarket and buy some non-perishable goods to bring along to donate along with the toys. Drop everything off a few weeks before Christmas this way Christmas morning can still be a special time for you and your family and you can reflect on the good you have done this holiday season. I do this every year with my sister and my nephews( I have no children). I may not be rich but I am fortunate enough to have a job and a roof over my head so I can spread good cheer to others who don't have much. Good luck and Happy Holidays!:happy-very:
  6. plaster

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    Last year our family decided to "adopt" a child for Christmas. My children's school had a list of children that were less fortunate. The school allowed you to purchase how much or how little you chose, and no one had to know who bought it. That was very important to my husband & I because we wanted our kids to know we weren't not buying these gifts for any recognition or praise, it was only to help other children have a good Christmas. It turned out one of my son's great friends was on the list. We had a blast buying for him. My son knew his likes...things we would enjoy, what type of clothing he'd wear. It turned out really nice. We chose to take the gifts to the school and they called his mother to come get them. To this day no one know that we bought the gifts. I would never want him to feel ashamed or embarrased.
  7. UPSNewbie

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    At a local mall here, the Salvation Army always has the "Angel Tree" decorated with cards with a childs' name on it, who is in need.
  8. cheryl

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    I love these ideas, thank you for posting.

    When my daughter was in young we used to adopt a family every Christmas. We'd get a list with their names and ages and things they needed and then we'd go out and shop for them.

    Although we still donate to the community toy drives I'm going to look for something more to do this year.
  9. rod

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    My Dad would always contact the local Sheriff Dept. and get the names of a few familys that really needed some help- not just some low life types that wouldn't take a job if you offered them one. He said that they were the best judge when it came to figuring out who needed help and who just DEMANDED it. Dad would buy a turkey and all the fixins and just drive up and give it to the familys.
  10. atatbl

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    Ingenious. You saved me a lot of time. I cannot think of a better way to do this. I have to ask though, how did your dad explain to the family how he found out about their situation (assuming he did not just leave it at their door)?.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Another option that we have done over the years is to contact the "Battered Wife" foundation in your area.

    You don't get to see the other and kids (they are hidden from the husband) but they are usually in need and these programs never seem to have enuf money.
  12. old brown shoe

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    Contact the YWCA they can give you the names of single women with children. Fire Dept. may know of a family that has had a fire and lost everything. Should not be to hard to find people to help the way things are going right now.
  13. New Englander

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    I absolutely agree with Tieguy.
  14. Channahon

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    Just goes so show you, UPS employees have a BIG heart!!
  15. rod

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    Dad would just knock on their door- smile and say Merry Christmas. I don't recall him saying that anyone ever questioned him about how he knew they could use some help. I'm sure the subject came up but he never said what he did.
  16. LiL"Comet"

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    Christmas morning is very special to us we have traditions every Christmas morning that will definitely continue this year as every but since our lives were so impacted last year this year will be different in starting something new. As much as I can do for my children (not material) I want them to see the other side of Christmas morning for those who might not be as fortunate as them.

    Christmas morning since they get up at the crack of dawn lol we will be finished with what Santa has brought for them, then after a home made breakfast with all the trimmings!!:wink2: Meaning every one gets what ever the want for breakfast, usually I end up fixing bacon & eggs, blueberry pancakes, home made biscuits and french toast (this is only x-mas morning).

    Then we will go and take gifts to their destinations.... now maybe that could change depending on the families we get and how it all works out.
    Last year without people giving up some of their holiday it would have been Christmas, so i want to Pay it Forward. If I can touch a young person's life that morning when they think there's not much or nothing at all, to see them come to the door and get a goodie basket wow :surprised: that's going to make it all worth while. Thanks Tie for your HO!! (honest opinion I wasn't calling you a ho lol) glad you read my post... :peaceful:
  17. scratch

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    There are many ways to find out families that could use a little help. There are probably many local organizations or agencies that would love for you to help.
    I know that you can go to places like many have mentioned above. School councilors, law enforcement, local Fire Depts, DFACs, foster care, veteran groups like the American Legion or VFW, military, National Guard, hospital auxiliaries, mental health facilities, retirement homes, homeless shelters, clothes and food pantries, are just some I can name off the top of my head.

    Churches are great at helping those less fortunate. And lets think of helping people year round, not just at Christmas. My Sunday School class has "adopted" two foster kids to help out. We are helping out a 15 year old girl and an 18 year old boy who are foster kids that are hard to place because of their age.

    We also just did "Operation Christmas Child" last week. This is a Franklin Graham charity that sends shoeboxes of goodies to kids all around the world. My class did fifty of these, and my church was the local consolidation center in our area. We gathered 2452 of these and shipped them out to kids overseas. My wife worked that all last week and I went up and helped a couple of days of my vacation last week to box these up.

    My church also goes to downtown Atlanta occasionally to help a soup kitchen. We will feed about 500 homeless people at a time. They will get several bowls of soup, tea, dessert, and four sandwiches to eat later. These people live on the street and under bridges. Most of them have problems with drugs, alcohol, mental disorders, with a majority of them are also HIV infected. We used to take our kids to help when they were younger, they have never messed with drugs after seeing what happens when you do.

    My wife is also heavily involved in a local food pantry to help feed needy families. Every Saturday morning, another local church distributes food in our area. They used to help about 140 families during the Summer, but sadly, that number rose to 250 last Saturday in these tough economic times. Sometimes I will go up and help sort out food that is donated from local can food drives. So please donate to groups that collect food, it is put to good use!

    So, there are many ways to help others. And with the current economic crises, I am afraid it will only get worse. So if you can, lend a hand to someone that needs it. Its so good for your soul too.
  18. chev

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    Is there a better feeling than the one you get when you know you have put a little sunshine in someones life? I love to give when I can.
    Just like LiL Comet, I have been there. I know what it is like to wonder where your next meal is coming from. I know what it is like to have your kids ask you for something that you wish so badly to be able to give them. I have been on the receiving end of the soup kitchen. It is a terrible feeling when you can't seem to see a way through your situation. For me to now be so fortunate to have the job I have is amazing to me. I really am thankful for what I have after going through such a hard time.
    I was kind of bummed when I heard that we won't get turkeys this year because I always donate mine. I know a lot of employees would donate them and it makes me sad to know those turkey will not make their truely needed destination this year.
    For me to be able to help someone else really does bring me so much more joy than receiving.
    Keep up that giving spirit everyone. :)
  19. rocket man

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    To all please contact your union , not everyone in union works at ups. theres some familys that really need help. wonder bread workers thats ibc baking co car haulers linen workers ect ect. unfortunately there are more non union workers . so i say lets please help the union workers tHAT are on temp work and lay off . lets keep it in our house . the usa is our house.The IBT is my other family . Sometimes even upstate NYER NOT.:wink2:
  20. LiL"Comet"

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    Update!!!! Coat Drive Pay it Forward

    I've been trying to think of something to do for less fortunate this yr envolving my co-workers. I didn't want to ask for money because times are tight for many so I figured a Coat Drive. No money out of pocket and clean out some room in the closet.

    Coat Drive!!! I have went through our HR department trying to get an answer to ensure there's no problems with me doing this no word back yet...

    I'm started anyway, I'm not asking for donations from anyone at my center just to go through clean out their closets of old coats, hats, and gloves they no longer wear. Also there kids closets for coats they have out grown.

    I've had a PCM with local sort, Monday going in to have a PCM with the drvrs and then followup on Tuesday morning by going to another center for PCMS too. I worked with this center manager a couple yrs ago got his OK to come to his center so hopefully we can keep some people warm this year!!!:happy2: