Pay raises of 50 % to 250 % to senior managers

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    5. Monthly check to Hoffa.

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    Well looks like I was wrong. I still have not gotten an answer from any of the finance guys on what this is but after conferring with my compadres it appears we have a filing for a new three year stock option plan for ( my guess ) divison manager and higher. Very nice plan. Keep in mind though the key to getting the higher amounts listed is the stock has to climb in value.

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

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    This is a redesign of the stock options program for grade 20 and up. It doesn't appear to be additional but it definitely linked to the success of the company. The 50% - 250% maps to the options units senior managers get today. This, "The number of RSUs earned each year will be the target number adjusted for the percentage achievement of performance criteria targets for the year based on a matrix developed by the Committee...", means that depending on how the company performs to the target goals, the award will be adjusted up or down on a percentage basis.