Pay rate and 1 year vacation.

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    I was hired at the end of August in 2014. I signed up to drive seasonal and started at the end of October 2014. I needed to use the union benefits before I would have actually paid all of dues so I paid ahead. Now all of my dates say the correct hire date for when I started and reached seniority. I was not hired as seasonal. I used my medical benefits already so those work. For vacation and my raise I have to wait until Jan 2016
    But all of the papers say my original date.

    Is the benefits date the same as seniority date? Why did I lose my vacation Days? B
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    Ask Stuart.
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    Saw the subject line and thought the person would be asking when they would get a full year of vacation.
    Stick around long enough and upon retirement every week of every year is vacation!
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    What did your steward and HR say??