pay rate conflict for full time AM driver

:sad-very:I was told today by the PMS Supervisor that UPS has not paid me the correct amount since I won the bid as a full time AM (air) driver at our center in July of 2006. I was full time before the position for nine years and there was nothing on there about taking a pay cut for the position. The sup said that I would probably have to pay UPS back for the nearly 280.00 a week I was making extra for the past 18 months and that he knows that the route will be rebidded.
I could not find anything in the union book about full time air drivers, just part time. I have to use a feeder time card for the first 5 hours of my work due to shuttling to and from the airport and i also deliver the early am's at our center Tue-Fri and I am the only driver on Sat. The sup today told me that I was not suppose to deliver ground yet I have on several occasions picked up misloads and delivered in my board as well as ran a whole day's route about five times in the past 18 months(I know know that they delete my DIAD when I get in). I do not know what i should include in my grievance.
One of the problems is that a senior driver who bidded on the route and then turned it down because of the early hours now says that he was mislead when he turned the job down. He is not making his numbers on his bid route and says that mine is a piece of cake since I only deliver air and that he wants the job for the last year of his employment before retirement. A OMS clerk left a copy of my check out on the desk a few months ago and ever since then drivers have complained that they want the position because they thought at the time no matter what air pay was 21+ dollars an hour and not the curren 28+. I was told from the start that my route could not be bidded because I am the only employee there that is a Full Time AM driver.. I hope someone can give me some good suggestions because I don't even want to think of loosing 280 a week and I really love my job that I am currently doing. I thank you for your time.


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this is the article 40 job right? if you have to pick up and shuttle air then it's feeder pay, and all day you would get that pay no matter what you do.


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Fight them.
For 18 months mgt screwed up.
Its their job to see that the correct pay codes are submitted.
All drivers going from full time to combo jobs do take a drop in pay, as stated in the yellow contract book. Check your supplement for any additional info.


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You're SOL unfortunately. You should never have been making 28/hr unless the job previously was at that rate AND the job description and workload had not changed. If it was a 28/hr job previously, and it is bid the same way every year, then you haev a case. Otherwise it sounds like you stepped down in pay and they never fixed your rate, which you will have to pay back.
The US DOL lady said today that I had a case if UPS decides to pursue it! I am known as a feeder driver for the first 5 hrs of my workday and I am an article 22.3 employee who was promoted due to previous union/ups agreements(as stated in Southern UPS/Teamsters supplement)..
I thank you all so much for everyone writing me back. I appreciate your comments.