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    Need some advice and help.... I was hired as a seasonal driver but have been working preloads for the past 3 weeks. Passed orientation but haven't been on the road with a sup yet. As a hired seasonal driver we were promised $16.10 hourly and even signed for it stating that we acknowledged it. Past two weeks my paycheck shows that I'm getting 8.50/hr... I told my PT Sup about it and she has been trying every day trying to contact HR and their bosses and even her own boss. Today they basically said I won't be getting back pay and will continue to get 8.50. I understand that I'm not driving and working preload but I was never informed something like this would happen and was told I was promised 16.10. Also, the PT seasonal preloaders are making 9.50 and even OT. (Over 5 1/2 hrs a day is OT which I don't get either). So basically I signed up as a seasonal driver supposed to make 16.10 but now making less than the seasonal preloaders. Me and another guy from my orientation is going thru this and have been trying to resolve it everyday. Am I wrong or is the crappy management right. I left my previous full time job because I thought I would be banking for the time being even though I knew it was seasonal. I make even less than that job now. Need help
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    UPS is not going to pay a seasonal helper $17/hr to work preload. However, your rate should be $9.50/hr so I would at least work to resolve the shortages there. Speak with your union rep on that; add up your hours worked and total shortage and report it. Also, anything over five hours worked is OT.

    Management will rarely tell the truth, and even with the truth it's usually benefiting them rather than the employee.