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    Need some answers from anyone who knows the union contract in Canada I'm am not being payed for an optional that I have an approved notice for last week and told my sup about it and now won't do anything about it because he is on holidays this is the 3rd time he has done this to me along with constant harrassment wich I have documented over the past year and am now filling a grievience for. In the union book it says they have 24hrs to correct the mistake but nothing about what to do if they dont I was told that if they do not correct it in 24hrs I do not have to go onraod untill it is corrected is this true what do I do??
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    First things first, don't refuse to work. Two wrongs don't make a right, and now you are in violation of the contract. All not going on road would do is alienate you from his boss and cause the problem to get worse. Get in touch with your HR supervisor, who can fix the problem for you and get you the pay for your optional. Send him a copy of the approved optional form and that should be enough.
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    Go onroad and file as per the contract.
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    Thx guys