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    yeah i know swing drivers don't have their own route and everything, but i also heard they don't make top pay- which is like 30 something an hour. Is that true?
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    This depends upon your definition of a swing driver. If you are talking about casual drivers you are correct; however, if you are talking about FT cover drivers the answer will depend on whether they have completed their progessions. FT cover drivers work everyday but do not have their own routes. Casuals work as needed.
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    become a driver and tell us the result
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    According to some of your other 18 post your a FT Driver making Top Rate....... Yet your now asking how much a swing driver makes ?????
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    I think it depends on the local.

    Cover drivers in 804 make the same rate route drivers do and work everyday. We do not have casuals.

    -Don't have to deal with production issues such as OJS's and over-allowed
    -If you have seniority over the other cover drivers you get to pick the best route that is available that day

    -No 9.5 List, can't really grieve the overtime too much
    -Covering routes everyday for your whole career is not for everyone, some people need stability
    -Blows when you don't have too much seniority, but hey you have to start somewhere.
    -Miss out on holiday tips

    Around here you can remain a cover driver your whole career if you wanted to.
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    I don't have my own route but my hourly rate is 31.625. We get a .45$ raise soon.

    Where I am at a FT cover driver can be on the 9.5 list. However, they can only file if they are covering a route that the bid driver is also on the 9.5 list. And I believe they have to do the same route all week.

    I couldn't imagine having to do the same route everyday!! But we still hear about it if we are over allowed by a lot!
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    In our local they have changed that. Once a swing driver is on the 9.5 list they can file on any route they are on (they must be on a bid route for the week)
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    Definition of swing driver? there is a swing club near where i live if he or she goes there are they a swing driver?
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    The union threw cover/utility drivers under the truck when they allowed some of the language 'variations' for filing 9.5's. It's BS and I for one, will be throwing in suggestions when the new contract negotiations start.