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    1st week eneded today,was told id get paid next friday. is this right.Also i did not do the direct deposit,i opted for the does all this work?
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    Yes, you will get paid next Friday. The Card will come in the mail...follow instructions to activate it. It may take a couple weeks for the direct deposit to hit. May I suggest, Use the online option to check your card. DO NOT call cust. service..they will charge you 3 bucks. Also, you can have another job direct deposit on the card. The routing number and acct number are available online. PM if you have specific questions. I have the card myself...
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    That card sucks.... If you loose it you can't access your money till you get a new one. Your also going to get nickel and dimed using it.

    Do yourself a favor go open a bank account preferably at a Credit Union it should only cost you $5 or $10 and they put that money in your savings account. Then go online to the HR section and input your Direct deposit information. That way you money is wear you can access it if you had to actually go to a bank. It will also start a relationship between you and the bank that will help you in the future get a loan.