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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by aviationwiz, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. aviationwiz

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    Yesterday I got my first paycheck as a driver helper for orientation, I wasn't expecting it to be much... but it ended up being $5!

    I looked at the Pay Rate listed next to Orientation, and it was $1.76! I spent about 20 minutes browsing looking for who to call about the issue, since getting a number for my facility is impossible. I found the number for "eHR", which told me to call my local HR department and gave me the number for it. No one picked up, but I did leave a voice message about the issue.

    Did I call the right place? Should I actually expect a call back on Monday like I requested?

    Quite a strange problem though... you'd think that the system wouldn't even allow them to punch in and issue a check for below minimum wage...
  2. DS

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    Welcome to ups,getting the number for your facility is impossible?
    Why not talk to them about it while you are there? has a view your paycheck under my life and my carrer,maybe you can find it there.Meanwhile be thrifty with that $5...
  3. satellitedriver

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    Give a copy of your check to the driver you are helping.
    Have him/her give it to the center manager and ask who to contact to fix it.
    Or, better yet, walk in and talk to the center manager yourself, it should be cleared up quickly.
    Phone calls are pretty worthless compared to a face to face.
    Be polite, this is a large company and mistakes happen.
    Best of Luck
  4. aviationwiz

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    Thanks, I'll do that if I don't hear back from them on Monday. The facility is pretty far from my house and anywhere I'd be during the normal course of the day, so I'd prefer not to go down just to take care of a pretty simple mistake.

  5. LKLND3380

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    Ask your driver for a number... Go into the OMS office and use a phone in there and call your cell phone... Then you have the number...

    I have my center managers cell phone numberas well as two phone numbers for the building...