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  1. Zielinj

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    Recently, I found out that my last paycheck was bounced.

    I was a temporary worker for the Christmas season last year and I ended up leaving town before my last paycheck was ready (I collected the previous ones in person). I was told that it would be mailed but it never was, and my supervisor could not find the check. He then put in an inquiry order, missing check notice, or whatever it's called, and I received my check in the mail a week later. A week after depositing it I found out the money was not in the account, and my bank statement said it was bounced. I suspect this may be the result of duplicate check numbers.

    Anyway, normally I would just contact my supervisor, but I'm having difficulty getting in contact with him at the moment and I'm gonna need that money soon. I also tried calling the HR office, but they told me to contact my supervisor. So is there any other way to resolve this issue besides contacting my supervisor?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Did you have any problems with the previous paychecks? From the few details that you gave it appears that the problems with your bank account are not due to your paycheck. You should go to your bank or go online and review your transaction history.
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    If the check was sitting from Xmas it might have voided out.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Paychecks are good for at least 6 months.
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    A kid on preload had almost one years worth of checks in his drawer. The sup, at the time, was at his house and he showed her. She called Brooklawn to make sure the checks were still good. They were. It wasn't recommended that one do this, but he cashed them that week.
  6. Nimnim

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    If the sup that was contacted put in a missing check inquiry and payroll voided the original and the new one is somewhere we don't know yet, then the 6 months is void for the original. Normally though Upstate is right, a paycheck has a 180 day limit before it automatically voids in the system.
  7. Zielinj

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    I had no problem depositing my previous paychecks.
    I talked to my bank and they said that the check had a "stop payment" notice attached to it. Since my bank is not the same bank UPS uses they could not give me anymore information. From their standpoint, it seems the problem is with UPS.

    Since the paycheck was originally missing, my guess is that when my supervisor put out the missing check notice UPS put the "stop payment" notice on that paycheck. Now I believe one of two things happened

    1) They found and sent the original paycheck, but did not remove the stop payment notice
    2) They made out a new paycheck, but somehow the notice carried over to it.

    Now another question
    If UPS did send out a replacement paycheck, would the replacement paycheck have the same check date as the one on the original paycheck?
    For instance, the original check date was 12/28/2012. Should the check date on the replacement paycheck be the the same?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The replacement check may or may not have the same date.

    Did your bank charge you NSF fees as a result of the stop payment? If so, you may be able to recoup these from UPS. Make copies of all of your paperwork and give it to your supervisor.
  9. Kae3106

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    When your check was reported missing, it was automatically stopped at the bank by the payroll department and a replacement was issued. The replacement will have the date it was reissued, not the original date. It sounds like someone at your center found your original check (that had been stopped at the bank) and mailed it to you without realizing it was no longer valid. Have your supervisor put in another inquiry and make sure that Payroll tells you the check number of the stopped check and the replacement check. If you still haven't received the valid, replacement check, they can put a stop on the reissued check and reissue it again...make then NDA it to your home address and you'll have it the next day. Upstate is may be able to get UPS to cover any bank fees.

    UPS payroll checks are valid for 180 days before they go stale. Every week, the accounting group that handles the payroll bank accounts receives a list of all of the outstanding checks that have crossed this deadline. The funds are moved to a stale paycheck account and the individuals belonging to those checks are sent a letter to let them know they have an uncashed paycheck. They are asked to return the letter which indicates they want a replacement check and to confirm their address. If no response is received after multiple tries, the funds are escheated to the state where the employee worked. (That's where all of those late night "the government may have YOUR money" commercials come from.) UPS doesn't get to keep the money if someone doesn't cash their check. I have seen people cash old checks. The bank may or may not accept it...they know UPS is good for it. I have seen several where the local branch accepted it but then the main bank saw the date and yanked the money back out of the person's account. When in doubt, ask for a replacement check with a current date...Payroll really doesn't mind sending a new check.
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    Kae3106, where were you when I was having payroll problems with vacation buyout money owed me when I retired? LOL UPS still owes me money 3 years after my retirement. Of course they deny it, and someone probably got a pat on the back for saving them money. My BA finally threw up his hands in frustration. You sound like you know your stuff.