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    can anyone tell me what opd 1.00 D,opw 0.00 H,and,OTH 4.00 H mean at the bottom of my check?
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    opd 1.00 =You have 1 optional day ( 1 personal day off )
    opw 0.00 = 0 weeks vacation accrued
    OTH = 4.00 H 4 hours accrued sick

    correct me here if I am wrong!
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    opw is vacation then what is the vac 5.00 D on my check i didnt put that down before because i thought i knew what it meant
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    opw optional personal week

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Optional week and vacation mean 2 different things at UPS

    Vacations you earn
    Optional weeks you make yourself using your personal and sick days
    That's why it is shown seperate
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    ok to see if i got it right i have been here for about a year and a half part timer vac 5.00 D means 5 vacation days opd 1.00 D means 1 optional day opw 0.00 H means 0 optional weeks and oth 4.00 H means 4 hours sick day (wouldn't that be a day for me part timer) D means day H means hour i ask because at work i person i asked about it says the h stood for days didnt sound right to me

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    4 hours would be a paid day for you as a part timer

    For FT drivers, my paycheck showed this last May

    VAC - 3.00 w

    OPD - 24.00 h

    OTH - 40.00 h

    Means 3 weeks vacation, OPD (optional day(sick)) was 8 hr x 3 days, and OTH was my optional week (the remaining 5 personal and sick days) 8 hr x 5 days
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    In NJ opw stands for option week, oth is sick time in hours. Full time in NJ gets 45hrs straight time pay for vacations. and 45hrs pay straight time for option week, option weeks are chosen when we chose our vacations, option days are supposed to be told the day before. You can't take your option day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. For feeder drivers we can choose to work our option day, get paid 8 hrs plus double time for every hour worked, don't know how it works for part timers. We also get an "anniversary day" which there isn't a spot for on your check. As I stated in your other post, check with payroll.
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    In my supplement we get 5 optional days per year. 1 optional week per year. 5 sick days per year in additon to our yearly vacation.

    If we don't use the optional days and week they are paid out at the end of the year. Or we can choose to have them paid out whenever we want.

    vacations are 45 hours. option week is 40 hours. option day is 8 hours

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I don't understand your argument
    That is how it plays out in New England
    So I am not wrong

    Even in your area, vacations and optional weeks are different

    We can all agree that all the regional supplement contracts are not the same, so the number of days off are different.
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    thanks for the help everyone i think i got it now