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  1. Lugo

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    Was I supposed to get paid for the two holiday or? I only got paid for one day and we had two days off because of holiday. I want to make sure so I talk to my supervisor about this issue.
  2. oldngray

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    What 2 holidays and are you a seniority employee?
  3. Lugo

    Lugo Member

    Yes. I've been working for this wonderful company for 5 years. I'm not a driver or anything.
  4. you aint even know it

    you aint even know it Well-Known Troll Troll

    For pters, are you suppose to be here for a year to receive holiday pay?
  5. blkmamba

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    If they gave you Christmas Eve off (usually night/twightlight) then it is unpaid unless you asked for a sick day. Usually they have a volunteer sort you can work as well that day.
  6. quamba 638

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    You don't get paid for Xmas Eve for some reason. You will get 4 hours on Christmas Day. Then you'll get 4 hours paid for New Year's Eve and another 4 for New Year's Day.
  7. bluehdmc

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    Depending on your start time they do a 1 day layoff on Christmas eve. Preload and package car drivers work. Feeders work if their start time is usually before 2pm.
    It wouldn't be fair to work people and pay them and give you the day off and pay you too.
    If you've been here 5 yrs I'm sure it's happened before.
  8. Lugo

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    Okay. I got it! I did help the pre-load shift on Xmas eve- just a few hours, like 2-3 more hours. The hours on my paycheck doesn't look right to me though, but that's OK, I will be talking to them tonight. Thanks everyone!