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    Hey, well... finally happened to me. Earned almost $200 NET Pay from the pay period of last week, but they only deposited $149.37 (I am one of very few Seasonal hires who have Direct Deposit). There were no Deductions, so they screwed up.

    I called it in to my Center Management team promptly and was told to call my bank... did that, the bank told me there was NOTHING they could do for me and that I'd need to speak with our payroll department instead. Well, as a Seasonal I'm not privy to this information (they don't tell us how to contact anyone over there or how to handle these types of issues)... so I called back to speak with who I'd spoken to previously and they said they would take care of it (that was around noon today). Well, that apparently didn't happen because my bank statement is the same and I also haven't heard anything back yet. Nobody will be in tomorrow who can handle this, either.

    I realize this is just before New Year's, but I really need that $50 and sooner rather than later. I happen to know most people take vacation in early January too... so, how do I proceed with this, to ensure I get this rectified in a timely manner and preferably BEFORE the 30-day "void" cut off???

    Thanks for any help or advice you can provide... totally at a loss here.
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    Ask your mom to spot you a fifty and enjoy your new years.
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    Even if your center management team put in the request to payroll today for a fix, payroll won't even look at the request til next week due to the holiday weekend. I'm sorry to say but you are SOL until next week with regards to getting this fixed.
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    First of all, payroll does not make mistakes.
    Furthermore, given that you are seasonal help coupled with the unfortunate timing of the discovery of the alleged error I believe that your likelihood of recovering the .5 C-note are slim to none. And Slim just skipped town.
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    Thread-Killer, then I suppose it was a deliberate slight rather than a mistake, by your statement that NOBODY in Payroll ever has and never will screw up - that they are all infallible. I have my voided stub stating an entirely different NET figure than that of which I was paid the day previous to picking it up and I have also been tracking my hours, I am indeed owed the correct figure of $199.84 (after taxes) and not this incorrect, lesser figure of $149.37.

    This is not "alleged", it is cold hard fact and I really don't appreciate your implications. This really did happen to me, I am not making stories up to waste anyone's time or else to try and screw UPS out of a few bucks here. I just wanted help in getting what I am owed for services rendered and I am sure that anyone else in this situation would want the same.

    But anyway, evidently the manager I spoke too about the problem yesterday did resolve the issue. I now have the correct $199.84 as of late this afternoon showing in my statements, though it is "Pending". As I am sure we all know, new transfers take 24 hours to post to accounts and since I was not notified of such actions being taken the previous day, I didn't know before asking for help here that it had already been resolved - so my apologies for that.

    Guess that concludes this thread's purpose. Thanks?
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    If your check was shorted, your center team needs to put in a payroll adjustment. The payroll department is not permitted to speak directly to employees (we can't verify that you are who you say you are over the phone) and any adjustments to pay must be requested by your center team.

    I know this may sound basic but what does your advice of deposit say the net was supposed to be? Was it almost $200 or was it $149.37? The bank deposits what the net was calculated to doesn't just make up numbers. Are you short hours? Is there a deduction you overlooked? Did something change with your taxes? Was there some weird adjustment that affected the net? Did you receive any gift cards recently? Is there any chance the bank nabbed part of your pay to cover some unrelated fees on your account?

    Edit: I hadn't scrolled all the way down to see that it had been resolved. Payroll does make mistakes. Some are due to incorrect info from the centers, others to system issues, others due to mistakes by the payroll processors. The important part is identifying them and getting the correct pay to the employees as quickly as possible and then not letting that mistake happen again. The UPS employees are payroll's customers and they deserve to be treated with the same professionalism and respect as they show our external customers.
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