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  1. On Feb 6, our Center Mgr told all the drivers they need to take their 50 minute
    lunch for now on. We are in a bonus center. He stated this would help the drivers in the long run due to the pass system coming in. Hmmm. I read in California that the UPS drivers just won a class action lawsuit for being paid for working through their lunch. Is this coincidence? Anyone else have a similar PCM.
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    Are you in California.? I haven't heard it in Idaho. (yes, someone figured I am who I am. By the way, how's the new center?).
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    Didn't tell us we had to take it. Just told us to properly record at the correct times what we take. It's Friday, why sit in the truck when you can sit on a barstool sooner!
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    we were told that the new term is Personal Time, and we now have 8 slot to record it. Looks like they're getting ready to go after drivers for stealin company time.
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    Take your 1 hour lunch. DOn't matter if it's a bonus center or not. Tell him to read the contract book. If he don't like it he can find another job.
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    Central States contract pg.196 Article 18--Meal periods(Full-Time)
    Employees shall be entitled to AND REQUIRED to take an unpaid meal period between the third(3rd) and sixth(6th) hour of work.
    Seems pretty clear to me.
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    Gee whiz, what's a contract?
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    Welcome to Central Mistakes, ooops in mean mistakes.. man do I ever have some fat fingers.
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    You need to take your hour lunch. The company is betting on the fact that a certain % will not and that is more money added to their $billion+ bottom line.

    I think the hour lunch sucks. Who needs an hour to eat lucnh? It takes me about 15 minutes. I don't want to waste anymore time of life with company than I have to. Sitting idlely in a parking lot after I finish eating is a waste of my life. But I have to becuase I will not be exploited by the company to work after I have finished eating. I think this is why they employ this policy. Plus the fact so they can pay us straight time to make PUs at 5 pm. Without the 1 hour lunch all PU after 430PM would be paid at overtime which =$40.71 per hour.

    The company should do the right thing. Be like every other company we deliver to. Let us punch out for lunch, If we take 25 min. deduct that. If we take 45 min. deduct that. Don't just automatically dock us 1 hour pay per day no-matter what. How ethical is this? The only reason UPS operates this way is because they know they can obtain free labor this way because of drivers working through their lunch.

    Sorry for the long post, but please-from the people who disagree with me-why can't we clock out for lunch for whatever it takes, and not 1 full hour?
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    always take your lunch, and yes we did win the class action lawsuit out here in ca, some guys getting $20k plus
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    Because its money in UPS's pocket! and union dosent want a 1/2 lunch either because ups will add work to each driver resulting in RT. cuts which equalls less dues for the teamsters.
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    center is great thanks for asking