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    We had a guest speaker at our PCM Thursday morning. The speaker was a woman who had been involved in what we would call a Tier 3 accident. She was stopped in traffic and was struck from behind by a younger driver (not a UPS employee) who was texting while driving. His speed at the time of impact was estimated to be 37 mph. She survived the accident but sustained life-altering injuries, to include having to wear a back brace for the rest of her life and surgically placed supports for her head and neck. She was on her way to pick up her 10 year old son from school which is ironic in that the point of impact most certainly would have killed him.

    Her straight-forward description of the accident and resulting injuries had more of an impact on me than any training possibly could. Her life is ruined due to the selfish actions of another. She told us that his first words were "I was only on it (cell phone) for a second".

    I think what brought this home to me was that her son and mine played football together and I remember her as being an active person. That activity has been taken from her forever.

    I spent the rest of the day thinking about that and resisting the urge to use the DIAD in any way while driving. I also spent it being extra careful around those drivers who were either texting or talking while driving.
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    Thanks upstate - I've seen so many of our drivers on diads while driving and it scares the daylights out of me. You all are so pushed for time and want to get home to your families as quickly as possible, but it's more important to get home in one piece.

    As an inside worker it amazes me how often co-workers are texting between pkgs. I can't imagine such a need to be in constant contact with someone else.
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    The law about not using a cell phone while driving was at first followed. Then about a month or so after it passed, everyone has their right hand to their ear while driving. Unless they are imitating Gary Owens, they are breaking the law. I want a permanent sign saying "Hang Up & Drive" that I could flash to them as they drive by. I've watched people on phones stray out of their lane.....they are distracted and I stay far away from them. I use my horn more now because of them.