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  1. christian c

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    today at pcm our full time sup announced that for the remainder of peak season, those who work for more than 5 hours will not be paid overtime, but will instead get a 30 minute break which we must punch out for. :rolleyes:

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    I tried something similar to that three years ago and almost got fired for good. It's didn't even make it to the grievance process. My district manager fired me for a couple of days and he didn't think it was funny at all. I thought I could pull it off and get a couple of laughs. Tell that sup, he may be sorry....
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    I guess that full time sup feels he has the power to re-wright the contract.
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    If you work over 5 per shift and don't get paid OT, file a grievance for the pay. Contractually they can not do that, although if the hourlys let them get by with it they can.
  5. that is the dumbest thing..wait, one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. How does that even work? If everyone needs to work more than 5 hrs what are they just going to let the work sit? It's friggin peak and you want these guys (preloaders, loaders, sorters whoever) pushing it to the limit for you and you're going to hamstring them in return? That guy is brilliant.
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    I got his 30 minute break right here. They all get nervous when you go past 5.But usually during peak its ok because it is so busy. It is my understanding that if your are PT it is always ot over 5 and if you are doing doubles it is ot over eight no exceptions.Have your steward report the guy to the union.
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    The only way they don't have to pay you time and half is if you work over eight then you only get paid time and a half for over eight.

    Make sure you keep track of your time. Most people don't they put there trust in the company to pay then for the time they worked. I would get a pocket callendar and keep track for now till you leave the union. I do and a lot ofolder driver do.

    Next week when you get your pay check check it to see what they paided you for. If they screwed you out of overtime tell your SUP that your short and then file a grievance.

    The who problem is that some PT SUP try to make themselves look good by breaking every rule they can becasue they think no one is going to do anything about it.
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    Your statement is funny.:happy-very: The act does rank right up there at the top.:peaceful:


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    Wait was there some type of company wide memo that came from corporate that said screw over the hourly's at any cost. im honestly trying to figure this out. its like management thinks that there is no union at UPS. i think in the past 3 months i have had a record amount of grievances filed. ranging from harassment to sups working to seniority violations. i mean seriously UPS can delay the grievances until our there faces turn blue but eventually they are all going to catch up with them and bite them in the butt. i mean are they trying to save money for the grievances they have to pay out? does management even know what is in the contract they decided to sign for? i seriously wish scott davis was on here to give me an answer. i'm just hoping its ******** management and not a union busting plan
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    I do this, I have an excel spreadsheet on my PC that covers every minute I've worked since I started at UPS. I've never been off by more than .05 hours in a week, which I attribute to rounding errors.

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    Do you really think management cares about harrassment grievances or seniority violations? All those are is a slap on the wrist. Management laughs at grievances behind closed doors. So much crooked stuff goes on that the Union doesn't even know about. The petty grievances that UPS pays doesn't even amount to %1 of what is taken from you. Let me share a funny story that I heard today. Three part time sups from a building in my district supposedly got the call to drive package and re-enter the union about six months ago. They went to another building to drive. One of the sups showed up to work today in a polo. Turns out these young men were driving package as part time sups. It's true I checked the PTRS they were logging their time in the Part Time Superviors/FT Specialist pay system.
  12. trplnkl

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    integrity much?

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    I am not saying it was right. I had no parts of this one. There's a fine line for me between right and wrong. I believe in management taking extreme measures to combat lazy employees, but to take three jobs and fill them with part time sups is a bit too much.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    But I admire that management team's courage. That took balls...
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    Wow! So sorry, Priscilla!