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    In one of my side gigs, I'm a part time sheriff's deputy. One of the most powerful tools in our arsenal is a Personal Data Recorder or PDR. When a suspected drunk driver is protesting to the magistrate on what a law abiding, church going, all around mr. great guy who can't believe the outlandish commentary in the arresting officer's report. But when the officer is called up, eventually the contents of the PDR is played for all to hear, the slurred speech, the profanity, the places they plan to shove flashlights, etc., and that is that.
    All the talking stops and it's time for a judgment.

    With all of the verbal advise, given to us on road to make up time, and the PCM's with often incredulous new rules being laid out by one sup, only to be asked by another why you are doing this this way. Case in point, one on road ride is telling you to NEVER exit the driver's door, the next one is telling you to go through there. Interactions with angry customers would be another great place to have your side heard in one of those "customer being always right" scenario's.
    Does anyone out there have any information if we are allowed to used these on the job? I use mine for recall of days events for my nightly journal, and I'm certain that if when starting a discussion with them, if you produce it out in the open for them to see it, it's not a violation of public law. However, I've heard that there is some form of company policy forbidding them, which strikes me as a double standard with all of the cameras they install to watch, and possibly listen to us. Does anyone know for a fact if there is a rule against using these?