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    Hey guys.......myself and a few other cover drivers filed a greivance back in Nov. because our center used extra driver helpers and didn't use any cover drivers all through peak. Some say that because its "peak" season, they can do anything they want. Others say no. Mgmt would also lay off senior drivers and then call in more driver helpers. Can they actually do this? Shouldn't they depleat their own workers first then call in helpers? The greivance has been tried several times but each time, the company doesn't provide required documentation at the hearing and it gets postponed. Got a union letter a couple of months ago stating the company was in violation of several policies and in big trouble regarding this. It finally went to the labor board and they assigned a hearing in a week. This not only involved our center, but is state and region wide. Anyone know how this works? Anyone think we have a chance to win this?
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    I think there isn't a lot you can do about how many routes they put in but you can make sure supervisors aren't working and providing that you layed-off cover drivers have more seniority than any of the runners (presuming you prbly do) then you have first dibbs on being a driver helper and where. I know thats not what you wanna hear but but it does beat not working at all.
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    That's not what he was talking about. UPS was using helpers instead of cover drivers and, at times, seniority drivers during Peak. From what I read he was not working at all. I may have misread that but that is what I took from his post.
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    I don't think we are in any disagreement about what he said. The issue is how many routes are in and the extra runners means all the routes that are in are likely very heavy (even the rural routes).

    I was just saying its hard to force the company into running more routes. My point is that ft drivers and cover driver who may not have a route to drive should still be offered work as helpers before any part-time (with less seniority) or seasonal hires work. If they offered that work (driver helper) and you turned it down then they will say that they needed helpers and you refused.

    I'm just assuming what was going on here but there are too many details that I don't know so its hard to say what the chances are of winning. In the end its gonna depend on what UPS can prove in regards to the routes it ran and whether they offered you work even as a helper.
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    Bargaining unit members must be worked before "off the street" seasonal helpers. Drivers must be offered positions as helpers before off the street helpers. All FT drivers must be working before the first off the street helper can be on car. Any violations are grieveable for pay.
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    You do not get to pick where or who you want to be helper with. They do however have to work or offer work to all full-time drivers prior to using helpers either from inside or outside.
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    If they have seasonal working you should also get driver pay not helper pay. I always did.