Peak is Comming

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upslocal480, Nov 14, 2002.

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    Anyone else starting to see a gradual increase in the ammount of "volume" yet? I noticed it last week here. I looked forward to peak season in the hub cause I'd get 6 or 7 hours in each night which equaled to 5-10 hours of overtime. Here in the center though we barely get any more hours and really just do twice as much work in the normal ammount of time. I do like peak still because time seems to fly by each night. I do miss those peak checks in the hub though. It was nice making $350.00+ after taxes working part-time.
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    "...It was nice making $350.00+ after taxes working part-time..."

    Boy have times changed! When I started (way back when), my take home was $33.15 / wk working the reload operation.
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    Also going way back when I was a preloader, my weekly stub shower $41.40 before taxes! $350 would have been a God send!
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    Keep in mind that I only made that much becuase i was working 1 or 2 hours of over time (anything over 5 hours) each night for most of the month of December. Still....that's not bad at all. Didn't you old timers get that back then? [​IMG]
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    Hell no,
    We had to walk barefooted 6 miles in the snow and ice just to get to the center. We were paid 6 cents an hour and that was the overtime pay.
    It was rough, but most of us raised 6 children and are still alive to talk about it.
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    Some of us worked on the west wall of the old Secaucus Hub, which allowed those cold NW winds to blow unabated to the quarterback. I have never been colder in my life. Up hill, in the snow, against the wind, both ways, with only gruel for breakfast (I don't know what gruel is but its probably NJ's version of grits).

    Go UPS!
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    Hey Peacock, grits are good! [​IMG]