Peak Oil

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    Boy have those 2 words gotten mileage over the last many years and we are hit so much with the idea that it is hard to dismiss it much less even question but I love questioning things!

    I'm sure like myself we've all noticed the recent spike in price at the gas pumps and as worshippers gathered to "PAY" homage to the "giver of life" elixir by the god we've been forced (we've forced ourselves more like it) to worship on a regular basis. Most worshipers I hear offer not praises but curses and all manner of blasphemy (guilty myself) standing before our god but our god cares not because we have no other god that we can place before us. Talk about the perfect racket! So let's introduce some atheism into this deal and see if we can make the Petro Sinai shake and rumble that we might dare consider the golden calf.

    I net searched "myth of peak oil", "peak oil" and "peak oil theory" and found several interesting links. In all cases, they were across the spectrum but one linked to a pdf file of a speech given by Dick Cheney in 1999' when he headed Halliburton at the London Institute of Petroleum.

    The bold sections were done so by the pdf author but they are points worth making notes of IMO. Not direct to the topic at hand or it's point but still much in the mix is another point Cheney made in that same speech.

    I'll leave it there and you can draw your own ideas from Cheney's words.

    Back to Peak Oil, several articles I found of interest with here just a few examples.

    From Counterpunch:The Recuring Myth of Peak Oil
    From Mises:The Myth of Peak Oil
    Those if you will are a sample of the naysayers but I found defenders as well
    From AnimalsDinosaursandBugs:Peak Oil Not A Myth
    From LifeAftertheOilCrash:Are We Running Out?

    To be fair, those who hold peak oil as a myth are in a decidedly small minority so I wanted to make that fact known. I love the contarian part in the play!:wink2:

    With oil running out as they say and taking ole Dick (as in Cheney) at his word, would it not seem prudent of the oil companies to vastly diversify their product lines in order to build for the future? Should they not be scrambing into other markets beyond energy? To my knowledge, the bulk of profits and revenue for these energy giants still come from oil and natural gas and would seem to do so going into the future and I've yet to hear of any company announce they are taking those massive quarterly profits and moving them into other business areas to build for the future. UPS back in the 80's and 90's when we were booming here at home and the only ground game to be had spent huge amounts of money at a lost around the globe but knowing the long game understood the sacrifice. Would it not behoove the oil giants to do something similar in diversifying if their core business product is a declining resource?

    Peak oil sez that millions of years ago sediments were laid down that gave us our oil today but that those sediment source all died off and there are no others. It's that dinosaur thingy but could this actually be false? Could oil in fact come from another source, a source still with us today that is plentiful across the planet? Ever heards of Diatoms? Forget dinosaurs, it's diatoms that give us black gold. OK but how do we know these are with us in plentiful supply today! Ever heard of algae? Gasoline from Algae! Remember I asked the question about why isn't the oil companies investing elsewhere? Google Exxon Algae Oil and notice whose investing!

    Put there's a couple of problems. After 1971' we used oil as the means to back our dollar and make it the global reserve currency and with it being challenged has lead to many problems for us nationally speaking. I still think OPEC looking nearly 40 years hence is as much a western business interest creation as it was the nationstates of oil producers but either way there's no doubt that oil producing states and the US has greatly benefitted. That's JMO for what it's worth.

    Like in the movie Dune and the spice melange, to now move away from this market of harvesting from the spice sands would have huge implications and as Ole Dick said, the government is as much in the oil bidness as anyone and you thought ole Dick always lied. Me too! :happy-very:

    However, at the same time, what would happen if another player entered the game who discovered in fact peak oil was myth and used other exploration methods to even prove it? Would this player be a threat to anglo-american/western/NATO interests? What if this player began to form it's own alliances with other national interests outside the Anglo/Western/NATO triad? What if this interest even had access to nukes to defend itself from corp. takeover?

    I give you War, Peak Oil and RUSSIA!

    Now put your thinking caps on and rethink the cold war, the present saber rattling and even the Middle East itself! If you dare!

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    I hate to admit it but I admire Russia more and more.