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  1. skatebmx05

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    So I was hired for peak and I was told they might keep me after Christmas how do they or when will they tell me do they just say we will call you if we want you back or what thanks for any help
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  2. Kraetos

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    From what I remember it should be before the year ends they will tell you. If they do decide to keep you as an employee, you will fill out an employee application on the computer, which is what I did.

    From what I understand once you've filled out that information, your next workday will be your first official day as a UPS employee. I could be wrong however, but I'm positive someone will correct me if I am. :)
  3. skatebmx05

    skatebmx05 New Member

    I have already filled out online application when I was hired in nov
  4. Kraetos

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    That might have just been the one you filled out to be hired for peak season, and not official employment.
  5. skatebmx05

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    Idk maybe it asked me alot employment history direct deposit info emergency contract drug stuff all that about 10 dif papers
  6. ladmeih

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    You'll have to do it again, sort of anyway. What I did was talk to HR and they resubmitted the application, all I had to do was go home and verify all the information that was already filled out from the first time instead of filling it out again.

    Find out how they're going to do seniority, if you're wanting to stay it will matter. It could be based on when you talked to HR, time you clock in your "first" day, order you were hired during peak, etc. Ask your union steward, if he stammers and acts like he's not sure ask HR/manager.

    If you're currently a driver's helper they're probably just blowing smoke :funny:
  7. skatebmx05

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    No I am on the box line pre load and I was one of he first hires I have been there around 6 weeks
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    Do you talk without breathing too?
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    Sometimes it's
  10. chopstic

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    At my center they dont hire "peak-season" help anymore, our HR lady said they stopped doing that a couple years back. Everyone here is hired as regular employee now, and then laid-off in order of seniority after the holidays.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Are you talking about inside help only or driver helper's as well?