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  1. BobSagetWorksAtUPS

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    So I've got a few questions about peak season, I'm going into my fourth week starting tomorrow. When does peak season start/end? My HR lady said at my center it starts around mid October but I don't know if that's true. Also what's a good guess on how many hours I'll work average? I'm contemplating double shifting, or being a drivers helper. Which would I make more doing?
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    Its the only time of the year that your actually going to get hours..... roughly 5 ish your regular shift, then be a helper the remainder of your hours...
  3. Bastiatian

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    Mid-November to mid-January, but in my experience, the worst of it is between Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

    How much money you'll make varies by your local practices. Where I am, helper and handler are two separate classifications, so overtime earned doing one job doesn't carry over to the other job. In other words, working a 13 hour day, 5 hours inside unloading or whatever, then going out for 8 hours as a helper, would result in no overtime at all since you didn't go beyond 5 hours as a package handler, and you didn't go beyond 8 hours as a helper. It's a no-brainer: You'll make way more money as a part-time employee inside, double or triple shifting than you would becoming a driver helper. But that's just my local, you'll have to figure out the intricacies of how it's doled out where you are from someone else who knows.
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    I wouldn't go for Driver Helper at all, there may be days where you are not needed. There will be more work opportunities working inside as a Package Handler. If you sign up for the early morning Preload Shift, you may get extra hours as a Driver's Helper once we start wearing them out most of the first ones quit.
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  5. BobSagetWorksAtUPS

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    I'm actually on easy morning preload shift lol I think I might just try and double shift so I'll stack on a lot of overtime
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You may want to ask if OT starts at the 5 or 8 hour mark if you are scheduled to double shift.
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    Whatever you do don't try to do both. Every year the sups pull that. Try to get the people to do both. I don't care how young you are it's too much. You'll get burned or wore out and not be good for anything.
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    Driver helpers never quit, they love their job
  9. scratch

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    The good ones are few and hard to find. I went through six last year and twelve the year before. And I get first pick since I get loaded up with extra stops for that honor. Lets not even get into the golf cart helpers, I had three different ones last year.
  10. Wally

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    Abuse and use. My motto for helpers.
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    I prefer to not even have a helper
  12. This. This. This. Our local has overtime at 5 hours unless you were work over 8 in a day. Ideally you want to get 7 hours 59 minutes.
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    From what remember then doing at our center is anything after 5 on preload is OT. Once you punch out/change jobs to be a DH your OT doesn't start until after the 8th hour that you've worked that day.
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    technically peak season is oct 15 thru jan 15, thats the "freeze period" where new hires dont earn days towards making book. but the real peak season (by volume) is black friday thru about new years.