Peak season

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    Hey this may sound like a dumb question but how long does peak season last second when does it usually get the worst for preloader's, and last i have one truck that usually gets 450 packages on it but the paper only says around 385 does this happen allot?
  2. hubrat

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    Technically, peak runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Don't know @ your 2nd question, other than "peak day". Maybe the on car is holding packages back for a shuttle later in the day.
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    Peak is generally the period between the Monday after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, which is on a Friday this year. Generally the last two weeks nearest to Christmas are the busiest with Peak day usually the Tuesday or Wednesday before Christmas but they should be starting you guys earlier to make sure that they can get the sort down in time.

    The "paper" you are referring to is the bulk forecast and it is usually pretty accurate. This can change if they decide to advance loads to your center or if weather delays loads from coming in.