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  1. well at least at my center. Ive been going out with 160 alone, this includes stops taht are 15 mins. off my route, around 20 60 stops, and then I have too get back to my route to start pick ups. So yesterday 4 drivers had helpers one had a helper for 6 hrs. I had 184 stops with a helper for 3 hrs. We have done this for a whole yr. now and it sucks I will use my methods and do my job this year but I will no longer make 9.5 with this kind of work...:happy-very:
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    Congratulations it sounds like you finally woke up.
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    I think hes saying he wont being making it back in by 9.5. When what they really need to be doing is filing on going over 9.5 constantly and make em put more drivers on the street.
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    The problem is that this is a situation that he brought upon himself. SC is a runner/gunner who has finally decided it is time to slow down--the problem is mgt has gotten used to his runnin'/gunnin' and doesn't want him to slow down.
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    Yea I kinda got that impression when he said he would now use the methods to do his job this year, lol.
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    Your a genius pm me if you need some tricks.
  7. I punched out last night at 940 with 162 and 113 miles. And yes I am filing I had to get my 3 days of 9.5 I am filing today then I am signing the List, I already have put my name on the preload list also, and I have a 8 hr. request in for this Fri. comin. I will file on that also if I do not get my 8 hrs.
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    For starters they are not permitted to use helpers after 12/31/10.

    So you, a cover driver, hell anyone should file for the lost wages be it straight for covers of overtime for yourself.

    We need all drivers on the road. They could have called the union and been given the go ahead to use air drivers to knock out as much air as they could or pay them as cover drivers and give them 8 hours of work.

    I would rather a Teamster part-timer deliver air for a couple hours a good wage than pay a helper that pathetic $8.50 per hour. They could have even used air drivers for OCA's and letter boxes too.

    I worked over 13 hours of overtime this week. Did not need a helper either.
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    Good for you, seriously. I can deal with 11 and 12 hour days during peak but the other 10 months out of the year is senseless.
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    We had 3 runners go down with back injuries this year.

    One still out now for 4 months now. Hope he learned his lesson.

    The second guy was ouot two months. He still runs but at a slightly slower pace. He actually works a little overtime now. One year he made $55k while I made $67K. I tried to tell him but he would not listen. Now he has a bad back and I have more money and a good back.

    The thrid guy has only been out 5 weeks so far. Time will tell.
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    I agree. They did add a couple cover drivers as the week rolled on. I presume they did not like my 11-12 hour days so they got it down to 10 by the end of the week. They had to keep making meet points for volume. I refuse to take lunch in the building to help them avoid meet points.

    We did finally get one driver to stop skipping lunch and he at least takes it in the building at the end of the day. I showed him the math and the $11,250 per year he was giving up by working through his lunch. I appealed to his charitable giving through his church. Now he can give an extra $100-150 per week and still have some left over for family needs. UPS sure was not giving the extra $225 per week they were getting from him for free to his church!

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    Sounds like UPS has alot of complying to do or someone should be getting alot of free money due to all the violations.
  13. i know about the helper issue, we have been using helpers all year. They will lay drivers of and work them PL and then as helpers for 4 -6 hrs. the union does nothing. I can honestly say last year I had a min. of 150 stops a day or 180200 with a helper all yr. It's only my loop also. My loop gets screwed everyday.
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    Region is probably telling your manager "you can have x amount of drivers on the road a day" and thats what their doing. Filing on excessive OT is the only way you stand a chance of them reducing the workload and your manager saying I cant do it with "x" I need one more driver in this loop. They do the same stuff here, its ridiculous. There is a mall route in my center thats 5 minutes from the building and a supervisor drives the PC and the driver over to the mall each day to do his route and then when hes finished they go and bring him back.