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    I work out of parsippanny hub. Told need four or five new hires for regular after peak for my section. Given speech of what you put in, is what you get. district manager started as casual seven years ago now he’s district manager. My supervisor same thing. Casual seven years ago, now supervisor of my hub. Been working six day work weeks. 50 plus hours. Called to see most nights if need anything else, did what can do to show/prove want it. Coworker in truck next to me in the morning, he started May. Laid off October and they called him back within three weeks for full time. Two other drivers got called right after peak, that I spoke to and another one in mount olive branch I met, same thing. So it does happen. Just curious if they were lucky ones/if it’s political and they knew people, or really how it works. I’m told over and over again great job. Thank you thank you etc. just curious on people’s experiences. We have 18 casuals in my sections so obv not all of us will get it, also is there a expiration date for eligibility to be full time or anything. Can we get hired for another section in same hub or just that section, or even Another hub/base altogether. Curious how it works and haven’t found info anywhere Thanks again

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    Every place is different.
    They make the calls behind closed doors.
    It is not a transparent decision or process.
    They have to follow union seniority in hiring drivers but can hire outside when they feel it necessary.
    If they like you, you've got a chance.
    Merry Xmas
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    BakerMayfield2018 God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.


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    Every building is different.
    We don't know how many drivers your hub/center needs.
    Each area has different rules regarding seniority and casual drivers.
    If they are telling you that they are hiring then go for it.
    If that's what you want.
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    Well, that's the problem right there.
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    They dangle that carrot in front of all the seasonal drivers. UPS was desperate for drivers, we never had enough. Some of them would quit if told they wouldn't stay on. So they try to get them to believe that they will stay after peak. Only a few are kept. If you're working this week, that is a good sign. Some of the casuals they don't plan to keep, they keep them mostly home after Christmas. Friday night they already put out of service most of the rentals we had.
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    Opie the OP s demographic area is AKA the armpit of America; north Jersey sucks to commuters and daily drivers... sure, not as battle hardened as NYC drivers, butt close to it since some commute from Pocono mountains or other areas of nj/pa to NYC

    I can only imagine the amount of no DR zones and DFUs a UPS driver or FedEx driver has to follow, especially around so many ghetto areas up in that area of the state

    Kudos to those who has to deal with idiot drivers and can make it to retirement over there

    But I guess smelly armpits can be an acquired taste
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    Saturday morning all rentals were out of building and parked on the far lot (I had a rental all peak). Def a “whoa” moment. I got to take a brown truck, and took my route from the regulars truck. My portion turned from a days worth to 3 hours worth. Got done 1215. We had late airs so when got back management was going nuts sorting it. Admin had personal vehicles in hub and they were delivering. I ended up working a days worth delivering airs in the general region I had been working. So we shall see what tomorrow brings..
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    District manager from seasonal in 7 years time.... lmao... guess we’re more screwed than I thought...
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    Black woman with a handicap?
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    Black lesbian with a handicap and a degree in home ec.
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    Armpits? Lmao. After my nephew tunes you up for talking bad about Jersey, I’ll teabag you twice on your way to the hospital!

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    An EMT troll? lol