Pending Death in Family: Newbie Help

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    So about a week ago from today, my grandfather was hospitalized after suffering a massive stroke and heart attack. The entire right hemisphere of his brain is dead and his heart is barely working on it's own. He is in something close to a vegetative state, to what I know. --- Today he is going to be taken off his ventilator. We do not know how long it will take for him to die, but it's safe to say it is going to happen soon. My question is regarding a very short period of time off to deal with this issue - while I was not close to my grandfather due to how he treated my dad in life, and I cannot say I am 'grieving', I do wish to be available to help my parents out as needed and to attend the funeral. What is the proper protocol to informing my supervisor about this impending death and any possible time off I may need? To note, I only recently started working for UPS - about a week and a half ago. I do not wish to make a poor impression, as I'd like to make this a career. Should I just not take any time when he dies? Is a day or two at absolute most ok without hurting me come my review after the 40 day probation period?
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    Talk with your supervisor or manager about your situation ASAP, you should be able to get a day or two off without it being an issue.
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    I am very sorry to hear of the ill health of your grandfather, thoughts and prayers go out to you and family.

    Picture yourself 30 years from now working for a company where you're concerned about taking time off to emotionally support your family - do you want to live your life this way? I have always had a "family first" attitude for myself and those that work for and with me. I'd also suggest a call to HR (perhaps even UPS Hotline?) since the majority of UPS PT and FT sups don't seem to have a clue as to what the company's HR policies actually are.

    No person lying on their deathbed ever wished they spent more time at work.
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    Death happens. There are two there is a part of the contract that deals with death in the family. But you're so new and I don't think you're covered yet under the contract umbrella. The other option is to tie this to the FMLA. There's no bereavement involved with FMLA, however if you can tie your grandfathers loss with depression (which is covered under FMLA) then you're in the clear. While you're not sad at your grandfathers passing, perhaps you're overwhelmed for your parents and it makes you a little depressed? I'm not saying to lie, I'm just saying that if you're honestly going to be overwhelmed for your folks, FMLA may CYA. I'm really sorry for you and I hope it all works out for you. Try to see if the company will understand and if not and you can honestly link a depression with FMLA then do it if you think UPS is worth it. Good luck.
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    Sorry for your family. Do not ask a supervisor. Your supplement outlines the entitlement you have for funeral leave. In most areas it is 2-4 days paid leave after the death.

    If you need time prior to his death take a day & do what you need to. Depending on his & your location maybe you can do that before or after work. Most patients only last 12-36 hours after being removed from a vent. As stated prior by others, do not put UPS before you or the needs of your family.
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    unfortunately he's a probationary employe and is not entitled to paid leave.
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    maybe it is an exception not the rule but i've never seen new guys have a problem getting a day or two off for something family related even in their first 30 days.
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    That. Discuss with both immediate supervisor and your full time supervisor. If it turns out you need tomorrow off and don't have chance to talk with supervisor, make sure you call in and explain why you are not going to be at work. You are not entitled to FMLA. As probationary employee you are not entitled to paid funeral leave. Still, this is your grandfather and you should be there. If your supervisors know why you aren't at work they are not going to mark it against you. Unless they were looking for a reason to get rid of you anyway. Or they have no soul. In which case you would be better off making your $10 an hour somewhere else anyway.
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    I don't expect you will get any hassle taking the time when you need it.
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    Call in Monday and let them know you need two or three days. You will probably get paid for only four hours a day because you are still part time. My advice is to spend time with your family in this time your manager will understand. In my huge Irish Catholic family times like this turn into a drink fest. Don't drink and drive during this time it's a perfect situation for a DUI. Sorry for your loss and God bless
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    My mistake,I missed the newbie part. I'm very passionate about his issue. I've seen it several times where unknowing employees are denied their paid time off.
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    You don't work in my building. We had a driver fired Friday when his wife was in a serious auto accident and he brought his run back to the building!
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    That manager is a piece of crap then. I don't understand how these guys are going to die someday and have to explain this to God.
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    That will stick like an info notice on a wet window.
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    My biding is in the worse shape that I have seen in my 29 years here. Even the sups want to quit!