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    hello I have been offered a job as a package handler at the UPS hub in Columbus ohio. I went through the hiring process, and showed up for my first day of work. I was told I could not start becuase my background check has not come back yet. HR said they will call later in the week to let me know that my backgorund check came back. I have a uneasy feeling about this.I have a misdemeanor assault from march 2008 and a dui conviction from jan 2002.. Will these convictions bar me from employment?

    Wil UPS hire someone with a misdemenaor assualt conviction or are they considered a violent liabilty?

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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Ironbug!

    Unfortunately I can't answer your questions, maybe someone else will.

    Good luck if you gat the job, and either way post back what happens.
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    Did you disclose both of these on your application? If so, and they did not say "thanks, but no thanks", and are in fact running a background check, you should be OK.
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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe ironbug!

    Let us know what happens with your employment.
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    I got hold of HR, and they said that my background check came up good. HR said to be at the Gaurd shack Monday at 9:30 and to bring my work boots.

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    I want this guy as my driver helper this year. Aint no neighborhood I wouldn't go into with this fella...............
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    Welcome aboard Ironbug!
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    Good Luck there Ironbug!
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    thanks everyone!