Pennington completes 25 years with UPS.

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    Pennington completes 25 years with UPS. - Grant County News

    Don Pennington, a tractor-trailer driver for United Parcel Service, was recently recognized by the company for completing 25 years without an accident.
  2. dragracer66

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    There is no such thing as any driver from UPS without a accident. The headline should say " 25 year's without a reported accident":thumbup1:
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    Hey dragracer66,

    How much does it cost to replace a mirror....just wondering!!:closedeye
  4. Mr. Why

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    My congratulations to Penny for his accomplishment. I guess in 39 yrs. service I didn't have enough Brown Paint!
  5. dragracer66

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    Roughly about $14.05 that's half of my hourly rate based on taking a half hour to do it!!!