Pension for new UPS freight union employees

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Redline08, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Hello, Im about to start working for UPS freight and will be unionized in 45 days. They told me I will not be getting a pension once I join and no chance in the future. Ive been looking around and do not see anything about not getting one or that they have stopped except for nonunion employees. Ive search the forum a little bit and just about every post about pensions there is someone saying it will never go away. So can anyone clarify this for me I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. You are in the wrong forum. Maybe @cheryl can move this thread for you.
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  4. It's not listed in the UPS freight forum. Just trying to help
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    Pension fund will be dried up long before you get a chance to collect.
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    Do you have any idea what plan UPS Freight employees are under? I didn't think so.
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    Thanks for the move I didn't even see the section for UPS Freight sorry. Well sucks for me then. Sounds like I'll be working next to employees with a good or at least better retirement where I'll get 401k that I can pretty much get at any ordinary non-union job.
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    We in the freight division have a pension, its $105../month per years of service. The new contract up's it to 110 a month for the first 2 years and 115 a month after that.
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    Another reason to vote, NO, NO, NO
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    As long as you aren't in the Central States Pension Fund you should be fine.

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    Are you guys and gals under the "UPS Pension Fund" a company controlled defined benefit plan...and does it at any time gets capped at 35 years?
  15. sppollock

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    Yes we are in the UPS Pension Fund and there is no longer a cap on the years of service. That was taken out at ratification of the 2013 contract.