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    Is their a web site for pension information? A breakdown of what I would get and at what age if I were to leave UPS with 'x' amount of years.
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    Wouldn't that be nice? Type in your SSN or Employee ID # and you would get an estimate of your pension benefit on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, this is one area where UPS technology is sorely lacking as this does not exist.

    You should receive an annual pension benefit statement which would give you the number of hours credited toward your pension and your projected pension payment at your normal retirement date. If you are not receiving this statement let your Union local know so that you can start receiving one.
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    Check with your local (or whoever administers your pension plan). Mine will provide you with a vesting statement that breaks it all down for you, I'm sure most pension plans will do the same.
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    I stand corrected.

    Very professional Teamster website.
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    Yes it depends where you are at and who administers the fund. You should get a statement from them at least once a year. Call your hall and ask for info.
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    if you're in the central states/UPS combined pension plan you can get forms from your administative assistants to get info. You just have to plug in the date you plan to go and Atlanta will tell you what you'll get. You can do more than one date if you want to compare what staying longer is worth.
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    Which of the 21 or so pension plans are you in? Most have websites. An Internet search will locate yours if its out there.
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    For non-union admin and management there is a site within UPSERS.COM on the third tab My Life and Career. It is named Retirement Calculator.