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  1. Looking for any feedback here before I start asking questions elsewhere and writing letters. Maybe some one here can enlighten me and save me the trouble.

    This is specific to the Western Conference Pension Trust.

    I requested and received a work history statement and benefits statement.

    All looks good except one rather glaring detail. Maybe I am overlooking something.

    Part of the work history statement has a year by year list and the total hours credited for each year. Now, I understand there is 2080 hour maximum per year (52 40 hour weeks) as per the contract. Many of us hit that max in October or November, and most of the rest hit it in December. Anyway, once reached the pension contributions cease for that year.

    While reviewing the tallies over the years, there are several years that are below the 2080 level. Some by a couple hundred hours.

    I'm kinda of a nerd here, but I have retained the end of the year paycheck earnings statement for, well, since I have been working.

    Long story shorter, for example, last UPS paycheck in 1998 shows my YTD hours at 2390, clearly exceeding the 2080 maximum. Yet, the pension statement credits me for only 1989 hours for that year.

    Is there a piece of the puzzle missing or is something aloof?

    Thanks for any responses, especially the relevant ones!!:peaceful:
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    Look in your Supplement's Pension article. That will tell you exactly which hours generate contributions towards the pension plan. Each pension plan may be slightly different.

    It may be that there is a 40 hour a week maximum; so any hours over 40 in a week don't count. Maybe you had a few days off with no pay. Or maybe you voluntarily went home early several days. It might be these unpaid hours don't generate pension contributions.
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    Make photo copies of all the ones you question, and send them
    in. tell them what's wrong they will correct it. I know of
    someone that happend to. Goodluck
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    In prior contract years there were more rules for covered pension hours. For example 8 hours per day 40 hours per week 160 hours per month max. Because of this nobody ever got 2080 contributory hours regardless if they worked over that number of hours. Now your first 2080 compinsatory hours count.