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    Anyone else work at a Air hub where you don't get 750 hours? Lets get some support to try it lowered, maybe for not the same pension numbers as employees that do work 750+ but at least for partial pension.
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    murph, pensions are struggling to meet their current obligations so it is highly unlikely that they would lower the hours requirement.
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    Grieve it
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    Based on what?
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    Hour guarantee, 750 is under 3 hours a day...
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    An Air Gateway employee who worked three hours a day, five days a week, for 52 weeks would work only 780 hours. That's slightly more than the 750 needed to earn a year of pension vesting.

    However, the pitiful three hour guarantee isn't really guaranteed. See Article 40, Section 3.

    And the employee may loose hours every time he has an unpaid sick day or off the job injury or unpaid personal day, or layoff.

    During the first year of employment the 750 hours would be impossible to achieve unless he was hired on January 1st.
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    Have you checked with the pension plan? Maybe it's specific to my Local, but part-timers here get pro-rated credit in the UPS Pension Plan. 375-500 hrs. = 6 mos. credit, 501-749 hrs. = 9 mos. credit.
    Note: I'm referring to the UPS Pension Plan, a single employer pension fund (SEPF), not any multiple employer pension fund (MEPF).
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    partial credits do count but only after you get 5 full credit years(750) first.
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    Murph is talking about 5 Years of Vesting Service with each year needing 750 hours of work and contributions. You aren't entitled to a pension of any kind unless you are Vested. Even then your five years only gets you a small pension at Normal Retirement Age, usually age 65.

    Hondo is talking about Pension Credits. Usually one Pension Credit is earned per year, with partial credit earned for partial years.

    You earn both Vesting Service and Pension Credits from Day One, but your Pension Credits are only theoretical, until you get Vested. If you leave the fund before being Vested, the fund keeps all your money.

    Murph, what pension plan are you in?
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    Not sure how to answer that? I am a PT Air ramp Ups employee of 8 years in Harrisburg, PA. I understand that if I do not work 750 hours a year and have 5 of those years, I don't qualify for any pension. I am hoping some day that it might change so myself & others atleast have something to show after many years of service.
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    According to the Central Pa Supplement, Article 67 page 216 , 750 hours equals one year of service. Five years of service required for vesting. So don't always agree to go home early. See your steward, talk to your BA, read the contract, ask a senior part time employee.
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    Where do you find the Supplement?
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    Your particular Supplement will be at the end of your Contract book. A partial version might be here:

    What you need to know is what Pension Fund you are in, and what its rules are. There's probably a website with all the info.
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    Thanks for all the Info guys!