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  1. javierlaspina

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    I worked part time from 1990 to 1997, am i entitled to a small pension for seven years as a part timer?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes. You are vested after 5 years. You will receive your pittance when you turn 65.
  3. oldngray

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    The pension will be gas and beer money but not much more.
  4. balland chain

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    Hi, do you know how much UPS pays per week for our pension
  5. Areyoukiddinme

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    your best bet is to ask your steward..they should also have a print out binder you can look at to check if your amount is correct

    FMRUPSR New Member

    I worked for UPS for 8 yrs. I was told by the folks in ATL that I am eligible to receive my pension at 55. Is there a calculator where I can go to estimate how many shackles a month I will get? I do not have a user ID or password for the UPS site.
  7. rod

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    I heard that all those small pensions (5 or 10 years) were going to be funneled to Teamsters that actually made UPS a career and are about to lose their pensions.
  8. O/C

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    Here is the formula..your eight years are roughly under a third of what your pension would be at the time you left the company. Presuming you were part time..30 year pension would of been around 1350 a month you would get about 400 a month at age 65. You could retire as early as 55, but they will reduce your pension of 400 by 6 percent for every year prior to 65, in other words by 60 percent, grand total probably around 180. Should cover your cell phone bill.

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    FMRUPSR New Member

    I was full time is the formula the same?
  10. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    No, much more, if in CS, upsers has a good pension calculator.