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    You see,the parts are just as cheap as the ones from Home Depot. The markup that we pay allows the profits to be used for projects that we could not pay for directly. Covert operations, secret wars, a few bucks in the tip jar for the guy that does all the torturing of prisoners. Stuff like that. :)
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    We already send these dumb-ass countries we let them cheat us too. We are definitely idiots !!!
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    It's not cheating Moreluck, it's called spreading global democracy and using our goodwill to do it. You should be proud and stand tall. Next time you jump to your feet at the sound of the national anthem, just remember all the good in the world being done on your behalf with the fruits of your (and other people's ) labor!

    I would think of all people, you'd get a tingling up your leg at the thought of it as you never seemed to mind until recently. Did something change to alter your priorities?
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    I get a tingle watching and re-watching the Hussein hanging that I have saved on my favorites.!!!!

    Our president doesn't care at all about American workers.
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    I've done nothing but complain about the pres. sending jobs elsewhere. Why in the world would you think I wouldn't mind that an Arab Emirate company was working in our Pentagon.?????????....kinda like hiring the fox to clean the chicken house.
    How stupid are DC'ers ???? Dumber than dust as I read them. If dumb is catching, I'm glad I don't live near D.C. !!
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    Once again you post a link yet don't bother to click on it or read the article if you did. The company in question is based in Vienna, VA, doing work in Iraq, not the United Arab Emerates. It is common practice for contractors to overcharge the government as the review process is lacking at best.

    What is going on is your lack of objectivity is clouding your judgement--again.
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    If Romney gets the nomination (safe bet he will) and then wins the election, the spending spree may only get worse. From an article in "The New Republic" concerning Romney's "New Approach" to the global war on terror.

    The rest of the piece at the link is an interesting read mostly as it pertains to Bachmann not that others are left out. As to Gaffney and that whole Team B discredited nonsense, the documentary Power of Nightmares by Adam Curtis destroys the whole Neoconservative Islamic narrative while showing it (Neoconservatism) has more in common with Islamic fundamentalism than red to a rose.
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    Still, my point exactly......can't we use a company BASED in USA, that works in the USA and does not have subcontractors in IRAQ. I didn't make up UAE, I read it in the article.
    "As a result, Bowen's inspectors are seeking to review all Anham contracts with the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan, which total about $3.9 billion."

    My Ginsu knife says. "Made in the USA". Looked at it today, because they are still selling them....mine's 40 yrs. old.
    We have car companies based in the US too, but the profits go to Japan, Korea, or wherever the car is from.

    You put Iraqi people in the Pentagon if you want, but they are all spies after one thing......our destruction. Of course, I know you don't believe that, because you don't believe you are at all affected by illegal aliens. Naive one!

    Read more:
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    Yes they did, its called the "bandwagon".

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    Funny you should ask this question WKMAC, because, if we go back in the way back machine, Moreluck and the others on this board who supported Bush, were ALL IN FAVOR of selling our ports to the arabs!

    The democrats put up the complaints with the idea, and the republicans crusaded on with how wonderful this deal was going to be. BUSH himself personally tried to sell the idea to the american public and moreluck and the crazy 8's went along for the ride.

    Today, they ALL about face and wonder WHY? "this is so un-american"....

    Makes you wanna gag.

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    You've gotten into a really bad habit of making crap up, are you sure you aren't .....what'shisname's brother? I never ever supported selling our ports to anyone and never will.

    What happens? you get a wild hair up your butt and then think the made up claims are true?
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    I don't know what in the hell you are spewing now. I have personally boycotted all middle eastern businesses even before 9-11 !!! Just tired of getting ripped off and cheated and avoid them like the plague. That's just a personal thing with me & mine. I've walked out of clothing stores.....Mervyns for sure. I've walked out of car dealerships. Anyplace that I have a choice about. I'm stuck with the dry cleaners in my area and only use them once a quarter for a bedspread. Try to buy everything "washable". The spread is washable, but too big for my machine. Where I spend my money is my own business.
    Sharia sucks and I don't support the Koran which approves of Sharia. My way, my opinion and nothing anyone says will change it.
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    You and Klein are both make up a bunch of crap and then think its gospel. It must be a Liberal thing.
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    Which is worse--being naive or closed-minded?

    (The article never mentioned the United Arab Emerates.)
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    They don't have commercial laundromats in your part of the world?
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    There is one, a whole city away from mine in Dana Point. I'm not doing freeway driving just for a laundromat. The cost of gas nixes that and the cost of my time to wait out the drying period!! This isn't The Big City!! The dry cleaners all offer laundry svc., so we use them.

    I only see a taxi about once a's a small community not a big town.
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    I may have read several stories on this before posting and one of them mentioned UAE but I probably pasted a different one..UAE is not a 'term' I use normally, so I did get it from an article on this story. Being naive is 100x worse!
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    Why not get rid of the bedspread all together? If you think about all the allocation of resources you must give up towards it and for ultimately what purpose? Eye appeal? You don't even have all the necessary tools to maintain it yourself and therefore must rely on others at some point to do so. What self serving decorator made the rule a bed spread is required anyway? If you argue for warmth, what's a blanket? At night when your eyes are closed, who sees it? Are you trying to live an illusion that at the end of the day is only a created mental image which requires your labor and resources and mostly to fit a benefit you think others need? When you take people on the grand tour of your home to see your bedspread, charge them a fee for the tour since it's really probably they who you really want to derive the benefit anyway. Charge em' if they so benefit and then use the money to buy the right washing machine to launder the spread to begin with.

    But you'd never give up appearances for function, utility and a lot less effort and resources on your part now would you? There may be the root cause of why America is in the mess that it is. It's those damn bedspreads!
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    I would take being naive over being closed minded any day of the week and twice on Sunday.