People for the Ethical Slaughterhouse

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by UPSNewbie, Apr 13, 2009.

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    The problem here is one of balance.

    I do agree with PETA on some issues, mainly involving factory farming and the use of leg hold traps for fur. I am also opposed to the use of animals for testing cosmetics.

    On the other hand, I also hunt, fish and eat meat. That is part of the cycle of nature, and always has been. PETA's problem is that it was founded by people who grew up watching Bambi on TV and have no concept of the realities of the natural world.
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    How true.
    When most of the people grew up on farms, we did not have these
    problems. One had to plant & grow their own food. Animals were just that, another food source.
    Our urban society life has removed many from that rural lifestyle.
    Resulting in some very twisted ideals.
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    The majority of the meat my family eats is either wild game that was killed by me personally, or beef purchased from a small local farmer that raises a few head of cattle at a time. These cattle live a serene life out on an open pasture and are not given hormones. They are never herded onto a truck and into a slaughterhouse either....instead, a mobile butcher goes out to the farm and shoots the cow in the head with a high-powered rifle. Quick, clean and humane. It is possible to eat meat in an ethical and sustainable manner. Same goes for eggs, we buy locally grown "free range" eggs instead of the factory farm eggs at the grocery store.
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    There is nothing better than fresh beef. I use to be a big hunter, but the land that we hunted on, the owner lost it in a court battle with his ex. Haven't been deer/rabbit/turkey hunting in about four years.

    I live in the city, so there aren't too many sources of fresh, humanely killed meat.

    Just don't know the right people, I guess.